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Fluorine changes epoxy resin

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Fluorine changes epoxy resin basically is fluorine change aether of glycerine of shrink of double phenolic travel epoxy resin. It is change double phenolic compound and annulus oxygen propane by all sorts of fluorine aggregate and into, foreign breed is very much, main breed and its performance list at 1-17.

Express 1-17Fluorine changes aether of glycerine of double phenol shrink the function of epoxy resin


Molecular structure style

Annulus oxygen is worth / (Ep/100g)

The quantity that contain fluorine / %

Melting point / ℃

2 phenol base 6 fluorine propane aether of 2 shrink glycerine




1, 3- double (aether of 3- shrink glycerine base oxygen of 4 fluorine benzene base) - 2- hydroxyl propane



Liquid state

1, 4- double (hydroxyl propyl of 6 fluorine different) benzene aether of 2 shrink glycerine




1, 3- double (hydroxyl propyl of 6 fluorine different) benzene aether of 2 shrink glycerine




The characteristic that fluorine changes epoxy resin is hydrophoby, be able to bear or endure sex of report of wet sex, thermal stability, ageing resistance, anti-flammability, tenacity, interpose is good, coefficient of friction is small, exterior pulling force is small, wellability is good, stick receive strength tall, can use as adhesive, coating, pouring makings, composite material. The consistence of it and double phenolic A epoxy resin is good, can be versed in to it mix modified. Fluorine changes epoxy resin value costly, multi-purpose at special purpose, if underwater composite material, space is structural material, anti-fouling coating, the material of dimensional solar energy with abominable condition. Its refractive index is low, mix in all with double phenolic A epoxy resin can adjust its refractive index, can offer again wellability and stick receive strength, use as fiber-optic adhesive.