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Heterocycle and mix model epoxy resin

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One, heterocycle epoxy resin

This is a kind of high-powered epoxy resin that contains heterocycle. Shrink glycerine base go up in heterocycle repeatedly directly, have exceedingly good hear resistance consequently, be able to bear or endure await gender and electric function.

1, 3 get together cyanic acid epoxy resin (3 get together cyanic acid 3 shrink glycerine base epoxy resin, TGIC) 3 get together cyanic acid epoxy resin is 3 get together the much more luscious round epoxy resin that chloric propane of cyanic acid and annulus oxygen has 3 nitrogen heterocycle one kind in the complex below activator action. As a result of 3 get together cyanic acid shows ketone - phenomenon of compose of mutation of Xi mellow each other:

The colophony that consequently place synthesis gives is 3 get together aether of glycerine of cyanic acid shrink and different 3 get together cyanic acid the mixture of amine of 3 shrink glycerine.

The thick product that synthesizes earning is colophony of amber sticky stiff liquid, with methanol depart extract hind receives two kinds of afore-mentioned compound. All be white crystal, annulus oxygen is worth oxygen of 0.99ep/100g(academic annulus to be worth a 1.01ep/100g) . Both reachs dissolvability except melting point outside, other reason turns performance basic and identical. Different 3 get together the melting point of amine of 3 shrink glycerine is cyanic acid 97~98 ℃ , dissolve at methanol. And 3 get together the melting point of 3 shrink oily aether is cyanic acid 152~153 ℃ , not dissolve at methanol, the model of industrial product and function rank express 1-39.

Watch 1-39 3 get together the model of epoxy resin of 3 shrink glycerine reachs cyanic acid function

Function /






Amber ropy liquid

White powder

White powder

Melting point ℃

- -

- -


Annulus oxygen is worth / (Ep/100g)

> 0.76

> 0.9


The quantity that contain nitrogen / %

- -


- -

Volatilize cent / %

> 4

- -

- -

Different cyanic acid ester of 3 shrink glycerine (TGIC) reaction active compares double phenolic A epoxy resin to want tall, dissolvability is poor, make solidify lotion with acid anhydride normally so, heat solidify, there is 3 annuluses oxygen in TGIC element base, condensate cross-linking is spent big, the orgnaization is close together, 3 shrink glycerine base it is repeatedly directly on 3 nitrogen heterocycle. Because this is had exceedingly good high temperature resistant gender, chemical stability, be able to bear or endure sex of ultraviolet light ageing and be able to bear or endure await a gender, mechanical function and electric performance are good, the property of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties that can keep admirable below high temperature especially and electric function (1-41 of 1-40 seeing a table, watch) . Condensate is hard and fragile, be able to bear or endure mechanical concussion and thermal shock performance are poor. Those who have metallic insert is large and pouring body easy craze, need to add soft or add pliable but strong, can use with pliability epoxy resin, TGIC basically is used at heat-resisting report to enrage insulation to do not have, heat-resisting glue sticky agent, cast wait with resinous modifier, its mainest distinctive use is with the 5 oil that contain hydroxyl polyester or the acrylic colophony that contain hydroxyl cooperate to make an external use coating, be like door window, outside wall, agricultural machinery, car, bivouac battalion is provided wait defend coating. It still has long-term chroma stability, can use at burying glow diode to wait, more and more application receives in electronic industry domain. This resinous contains azotic quantity to be made an appointment with higher 14% (quality) , have so mix from extinguish sex be able to bear or endure admirably electric arc form, make electrical engineering equipment aptly, high pressure destroys arc device, of it and fibre glass stick it is good to receive a gender, can make product of glass reinforced plastics.