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The structure of epoxy resin and performance data are summarized (one)

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One, the type of epoxy resin and synthetic method

1. the type of epoxy resin

The sort of epoxy resin is very much, and have new breed ceaselessly appear. The classified method of epoxy resin is very much also. Normally

By its the combinative means substantially of oxygen radical divides chemical structure and annulus it is 5 kinds big. Method of this kind of classification is helpful for understand and mastering epoxy resin the function of the behavior in solidify process and condensate.

In addition, still have mix model epoxy resin, link of two kinds of different types is had at the same time in molecular structure namely the compound of oxygen radical. For example:

Also can press luscious group (annulus oxygen base) quantitative cent is mixed for double luscious round epoxy resin much more luscious round epoxy resin. To reactivity colophony character, the influence that luscious group counts is very important.

Still can issue resinous state branch to be liquid state epoxy resin and solid state epoxy resin by room temperature. This is very important when be used actually. Liquid state colophony can use as pouring makings, wait without glue adhesive and coating. Solid state colophony can be used at coating and solid state to wait into profile makings. The solid state epoxy resin that says here is not to already was achieved! The system of epoxy resin solidify of level, also not be the epoxy resin condensate that reachs C level (already the colophony of solidify) , however the pure epoxy resin with opposite element greater quality, it is a kind of thermoplastic solid state oligomer.

2. the synthetic method of epoxy resin

The synthesis of epoxy resin basically has two kinds of methods:

(1) multivariate phenolic, multivariate mellow, polybasic acid or multivariate amine contain the oxygen containing annulus such as chloric propane of compound of lively hydrogen atomic and annulus oxygen base compound is gotten via condensation polymerization.

(2) chain certificate or cricoid the Shuang Jian that double Xi apperception closes matter and annulus of classics of acid crossing oxygen oxidize and become.