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Flexibility epoxy resin

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One, the synthesis of flexibility epoxy resin and function

Main breed has flexibility epoxy resin shrink glycerine aether and shrink glycerine ester kind epoxy resin.

1, the main breed of epoxy resin of ester of glycerine of shrink of epoxy resin of shrink glycerine ester flexibility flexibility has 2 to get together acerbity shrink glycerine ester and 2 get together the partial addition matter of acid and epoxy resin.

2 get together epoxy resin synthesizes the synthetic method of acerbity shrink glycerine ester and sex of classical shrink glycerine ester the method is basic and same. It is normally by 2 get together chloric propane of acid and annulus oxygen forms chloric mellow content in the reaction below activator action, chloridize hydrogen is taken off to form shrink glycerine ester below again alkaline action next. Main difficult point is in complex to be controlled at what systematic alkali number and water measure. Alkali number is too little, take off chloridize hydrogen not complete, alkali number brings about the alkalescent hydrolyze that shrink glycerine ester bolts extremely easily too much. 2 get together the condensate of ester of acerbity shrink glycerine and its modified epoxy resin has better flexibility, call flexibility epoxy resin again.

Express 1-542 get together ester of acerbity shrink glycerine and 2 get together acerbity modified epoxy resin


Annulus oxygen equivalent / (G/ep)

Viscosity (25 ℃ ) / (Pa.s)















≤ 12

≤ 6

≤ 6

≤ 6

2 get together ester of acerbity shrink glycerine

2 get together epoxy resin of A of acerbity modified double phenol

Solution of YD-172 75% xylene

Solution of ketone of second of YD-172 75% armour

*Gardner-Hold law

2, epoxy resin of shrink glycerine aether flexibility uses long chain adipose alcohol or in rigid phenol kind introduce in the structure flexible long chain is adipose mellow, can synthesize a different and flexible shrink glycerine aether epoxy resin. This kind of epoxy resin has viscosity low

, colour and lustre is shallow, it is good to add soft effect wait for a characteristic. Especially tigidity is very flexible the shrink glycerine aether of catenary copolymer, can pass copolymerization proportional adjustment, obtain different flexibility. Foreign straight catenary adipose a group of things with common features product of delegate of flexibility epoxy resin is DER-732 and DER-736, main index sees watch 1-55.