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Nylon modified epoxy resin

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Nylon modified epoxy resin is annulus oxygen - nylon graft copolymer and double cyanogen amine - epoxy resin gets together beforehand the mixture of content. Annulus oxygen - nylon graft copolymer is 6/66 of nylon of mellow dissolve sex and E-51 epoxy resin become in the polymerization in thinner of active of 600# annulus oxygen. Double cyanogen amine - annulus oxygen gets together beforehand content is double cyanogen amine, f-44 epoxy resin and amine of 2 methylic benzyl are blending the group in solvent and get. Mix both to be nylon modified epoxy resin namely in proportion.
The biggest characteristic of nylon modified epoxy resin is intensity tall, tenacity is big. The fiber that makes with it increases plastic have very strong mechanical performance and concussion toughness. Multi-purpose at war industry product, be like empennage piece, armor-piercing projectile shrapnel. This colophony still can use as epoxy resin, flexibilizer of phenolic aldehyde resinous.