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Other much phenol epoxy resin

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(1) , 1, 1, 2, 2- 4 (to hydroxyl phenyl) - ethane aether of 4 shrink glycerine epoxy resin, abbreviation 4 phenol base ethane aether of 4 shrink glycerine epoxy resin, molecular structure style is:

Homebred model is 4 phenol base ethane aether of 4 shrink glycerine 1031, annulus oxygen is worth 0.45-0.50eq/100g, softening point80 ℃ , in the element average functionality 3.2-3.5, have higher heat to be out of shape temperature and good chemical stability. With DDS solidify hind is inIts shear strength can amount to 10MPa when 250 ℃ , and double phenolic A epoxy resin is close to in the shear strength below similar requirement 0. The high-powered composite material that fiber of it and carbon fiber, fragrant black silk ribbon makes already was used at space navigation industry. Still can use at printed circuit board, enclose material and coating to wait.

(2) 3 phenol base methane epoxy resin is aether of 3 shrink glycerine gules solid. Molecular structure style is:

Softening point 72- 82 ℃ , annulus oxygen is worth 0.32eq/100g. The heat of condensate is out of shape temperature can be amounted to260 ℃ above, have good tenacity and tepid strength, can be able to bear or endure long-term high temperature oxidizes. This colophony can be used alone. Also can be opposite general-purpose epoxy resin mixes modified in all. Use as high-powered composite material, enclose material to wait.

(3) all benzene 3 phenol aether of 3 shrink glycerine epoxy resin by all chloric propane of 3 phenol and annulus oxygen is in benzene benzyl undertakes addition reacts below the 3 methylic bromic catalysis that change ammonium, its resultant reacts with formaldehyde natrium again, take off HCI pen annulus to mold this resin. Style of its element structure is: