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The characteristic index of epoxy resin and analysis check standard method

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One, not the characteristic index of solidify epoxy resin

(1) equivalent of hydroxyl equivalent hydroxyl is the colophony mass that contains one equivalent hydroxyl. The molecular volume of double phenolic A epoxy resin is higher, its hydroxyl equivalent is bigger. In the boundary that did not raise catenary below good position epoxy resin, its hydroxide base is equal to aggregate degree.
Hydroxyl is a polar group, also be epoxy resin is main reaction radical is round, especially when acid anhydride regards solidify as the agent, and the high polymer quantity, annulus that exceeds high polymer to measure epoxy resin when oxygen radical content is very low, reaction of these resinous solidify cross-linking basically are to rely on hydroxyl. Because this hydroxyl equivalent also is epoxy resin especially the medium, tall, main target that exceeds high polymer to measure epoxy resin.

(2) a viscosity and viscosity of softening point resinous and softening point are construction operation sex useful index, epoxy resin measures moderate member quantity, high polymer quantity, freeboard element volume by small element, its condition also arrives from the liquid of low viscosity sticky stiff liquid the solid till high softening point.
Several kinds of degree of polymerization with crystal dispute of solid epoxy resin get together beforehand the mixture body of content, because this does not have obvious melting point and frit Cheng. It has a process with hard molten in be heated process, be fallen to submit form of going from place to place in outside force action by the colophony of bate, this temperature calls softening point namely. Show below room temperature tall sticky stiff pure epoxy resin determines very hard its viscosity, them refrigerant to 0 ℃ the left and right sides becomes solid to heat again make its bate, also can measure softening point. Because this this one index is right of epoxy resin heat crucial demonstrative action reachs since flow condition of melt, control.
Epoxy resin (double phenolic A) the typical relation between softening point and molecular quantity sees graph 3-1

(3) the exterior of the exterior and epoxy resin of colour and lustre changes as what the element measures and change its position, arrive from low viscosity liquid semisolid till solid. To facilitate solid resinous dissolves, manufacturer home often sheds it delay into chip reentry smash all right, because this commercial solid colophony shows amorphous chip.
Epoxy resin no matter size of its element quantity is transparent, what its colour and lustre presses workmanship is different show colorless to yellow; The ascensive colour and lustre as craft is more and more shallow. The colophony with shallow colour and lustre can make light color product.