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Benzene epoxy resin of 2 phenolic formaldehyde

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2 phenol and formaldehyde are in benzene between a benzene that the condensation below oxalic acid catalysis becomes quality of small opposite element after colophony of 2 phenolic formaldehyde, issue reaction of as chloric as annulus oxygen propane to be made in NaOH action again a benzene 2 phenolic formaldehyde aether of 4 shrink glycerine epoxy resin. Molecular structure style is:

Homebred model is F-76 epoxy resin. Orange yellow is ropy liquid, 130~ of annulus oxygen equivalent137g/ep, annulus oxygen is worth 0.73~0.77ep. /100g, viscosity (75 ℃ ) 2.0~2.7Pa · S. . This resinous characteristic is to have taller reaction active, the hear resistance of condensate, corrosion resistance and electric performance are good (express 1-22) . Can use as high temperature resistant pouring makings, glue sticky agent, coating reachs composite material, also can use the modifier that makes other epoxy resin.

Express 1-22Benzene 2 phenolic formaldehyde aether of 4 shrink glycerine is pouring makings function


MOCA solidify agent

Agent of solidify of 70 acid anhydride

Equestrian fourth heat-resisting / ℃

Dimension blocks softening point / ℃

Flexural strength / Mpa

Pound toughness / (KJ. ㎡)

Reduce intensity / Mpa

Tensile strength / Mpa

Rupture percentage elongation / %

Dielectric loss role is tangential

Al-Al shear strength / Mpa

Room temperature

150 ℃

Be able to bear or endure chemical sex #

65%~68%* nitric acid

95%~98%* nitric acid

36%~38%* nitric acid

50% oxyhydrogen change sodium


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