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The structure of epoxy resin and performance data are summarized (2)

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3, the chemical reactivity of epoxy resin

Epoxy resin is a kind thermoplastic oligomer, performance is very poor. Except use as the stabilizing agent of polyvinyl chloride besides, more or less to use value directly. But after undertaking with solidify agent when it solidify reaction forms structure of three-dimensional cross-linking network, present an a series of superior performance, have outstanding economic value thereby. So the chemical reaction function of epoxy resin is the foundation of epoxy resin application, core. Epoxy resin depends on in the function of the behavior in solidify process and condensate the mutual influence between the function of epoxy resin, function of solidify agent and other auxiliary and they and colophony and reasonable cooperate, still have affinity with their solidify course in addition. And these depend on again their molecular structure. The feature with the biggest epoxy resin is to contain the annulus oxygen with reaction very tall active base.

1. annulus oxygen base reaction is active

Annulus oxygen base it is 3 yuan of link that form by two carbon atom and an oxygen atom. By the ring that electronic diffraction law gets the structure of oxygen radical is like graph 1-1 place to show. Annulus oxygen base the two carbon atom of 3 yuan of annulus and an oxygen atom are on same plane, make annulus oxygen base have resonance sex. COC is more thanOCC, reason tilts the gender is big, reactivity is quite lively. Of oxygen electronegative bigger than carbon, cause electrostatic polarization effect, make electron cloud density increases all round oxygen atom. If annulus oxygen ethanecharge distributings with the annulus propane that is 3 yuan of annulus likewiseCompare (place of the 1-2 that be like a graph is shown) , can see annulus propane electron distributings even, and the charge of annulus oxygen ethane is apparent ground deflection oxygen is atomic. Come so, in annulus the active center that two form to be able to react on oxygen radical: The carbon with the oxygen atom with electron cloud higher density and electron cloud inferior density is atomic. The electron cloud density on annulus oxygen annulus distributings for. Atttack oxygen atom when close electron reagent is stood by, and atttack carbolic atom when close nucleus reagent is stood by, produce reaction quickly, cause C, O key ruptures, make annulus oxygen base open loop. Make an appointment with 60 ° as a result of horn of the key inside annulus again at the same time, with normal key part about 109 ° are compared, every key is bent upcountry flinch about 24 ° , because annulus of this annulus oxygen has very large pulling force. Pull an old unit of length for measuring land that open just like a piece, the tendency that has very big reply former state is same. This kind of tension is the potentiality of open loop. Of the polarization as a result of charge and annulus oxygen annulus very big be out of shape energy, make annulus oxygen base have extremely tall reaction active.