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Epoxy resin of adjacent cresol formaldehyde

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Epoxy resin of formaldehyde of line adjacent cresol (ECN) it is by adjacent cresol and formaldehyde are in acidity medium colophony of formaldehyde of cresol of condensation polymerization thread adjacent, chloric propane issues condensation polymerization in alkaline action and become with annulus oxygen again, style of its element structure is:

Model of epoxy resin of formaldehyde of homebred adjacent cresol reachs performance list 1-18

The function substantially of epoxy resin of adjacent cresol formaldehyde and devoir formaldehyde epoxy resin are similar, but be worn as a result of the ortho-position of phenolic aldehyde base replace, space block effect makes its annulus oxygen base reaction is active under EPN (graph 1-1) . However it and phenol system photograph can raise degree of polymerization of resinous of line phenolic aldehyde quite, ECN is accordingly taller than the softening point of EPN, the performance of condensate is more superior. This one character makes ECN is used as compositive electric equipment in great quantities (IC) with all sorts of electron circuit, of electronic component enclose material. The height as IC is compositive change, still ask strict control always contains chloric quantity to achieve infinitesimal, be opposite with decreasing as far as possible of layout corrode action. Formaldehyde epoxy resin already had homebred adjacent cresol to always contain chloric quantity <500*10- 6breed, its function already reached foreign advanced level.

The size of quality of average and opposite element decided the melt viscosity of ECN, the function of reaction active and condensate, as opposite element quality increase, softening point is elevatory (graph 1-2) , melt viscosity increases (graph 1-3) , response rate is accelerated (graph 1-1) , tg raises condensate vitrification (graph 1-4) . When Mn from 400 increase 1000 when, tg is elevatory bigger, it is more80 ℃ . The fluidity of Dan Rong body was reduced (graph 1-3) , flexural strength was reduced (graph 1-5) . Accordingly, should try to consider integratedly when applying actually. The softening point of epoxy resin of line phenolic aldehyde won't is more than commonly