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Do obeisance to the new application of ear polyurethane technology

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Company of science and technology of the material that do obeisance to ear introduced the innovation application of technology of two kinds of polyurethane that do obeisance to ear.

Underground sets Shi Jing to build

Lid of municipal facilities well is to go to the lavatory normally safeguard personnel to be installed to the examination of subterranean cop, maintenance, because a lot of municipal wells build a setting to be on highway or shortcut, be based on safety, often use cast-iron or concrete structure, in order to suit tall bearinged need. But these heavy well tops often bring about maintain staff complain. The material that uses up tube well lid, structure changing all the time, but its because its are overweight those who bring is changeless do not have any changes all the time however.

The well that the Hermelock Nv company that is located in Belgian Tongeren recently pushs the well to the market to build is a kind of ideal builds substitute. This one new well top is a kind of when be a foundation with Baydur GS of system of mould of solid state polyurethane thick interlining complex structure. Its weight and traditional well build photograph comparing to be reduced significantly, and its carrying capacity is enough however and strong, can bear for a long time 40 tons burden. Besides road of usable Yu Ma and park, this kind of new well is built and applicable enrages place of workshop of station, industry, sports, gas station and highway to wait at lighting. Because this one system uses light interlining structure, and polyurethane has exceedingly good absorption the function of noise, this one new well top has won application in Poland and Australia.

Rail of high speed railroad

Lumber and concrete are the material of traditional production railroad sleeper. The environment as a result of lumber is friendly sexual problem, the sleeper that railroad laid already began to use polyurethane composite material to make in order to replace traditional woodiness sleeper. This kind of material is the Eslon Neon Lumber FFU that the SEKISUI chemistry company of Japanese Tokyo makes, the polyurethane system of this one material is used come from Sumika Bayer Urethane Co, ltd, long Bo fine enhances Baydur 60.

The sleeper that uses polyurethane technology has a variety of superior performance, can satisfy the requirement that market of high speed railroad grows. Compare with traditional material phase, FFU has longer wear and lower locomotive cost. After experimenting through relapsing, FFU polyurethane sleeper has begun to apply first in Germany. Lyceum is changed in Lewokusen, the one suit buy of new setup will improve the join of manufacturing division railroad and German railroad network. Because polyurethane sleeper has a variety of special advantages, if weight is light, bibulous rate is low, more durable wait, polyurethane sleeper can be used at railroad to turn receive place, channel, bridge to be used at railway system of a complete set of even. Be in Japan, have about 90 every year, 000 with polyurethane sleeper laid, have 1.3 million tie already in use.