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New plant of Jiangsu of polyamide of Di Siman Akulon throws operation

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Chinese Jiangsu / Holand combines an information, life science and Holand of company of material science major are royal Di Siman (DSM) the new aggregate plant that announces to Chinese Jiangsu is located in to visit Jiang Yin town below the banner begins operation formally. This factory produces the Akulon of tall viscosity®Odd 6 polyamide (PA6) , the high-end provision that its product increases in the light of Asian high speed packs the market. This factory in September 2006 the portion announces to invest construction, total investment amounts to dollar of several ten million.

Official of government of etc of secretary of municipal Party committee of shade of river of the Communist Party of China Mr Zhu Minyang and guest attended ceremony. Attend ceremony at the same time still have Di Siman project president of plastic whole world Mr Jos Goessens, the member of senior management layer of area of plastic Asia-Pacific of project of Di Siman of etc of president of China of Si Man of the Supreme Being Mr Jiang Weiming.

China to realizing Di Siman 2010 wish condition is very fundamental, it is its infuse is gigantic endowment the key that invests development grows one of countries. The sale target that Di Siman will be in China 2010 2007 comes from promotion of 1 billion dollar 1.5 billion dollar. The Akulon that builds this®Odd 6 polyamide (first sheet that PA6) factory builds in China for Di Siman 6 polyamide factory, pair of sheet that satisfied this area to grow increasingly greatly the demand of 6 polyamide, the food that is China and Asia-Pacific area to grow quickly at the same time packs the development of course of study to make contribution.

In 10 years of in the past, jiang Yin is Di Siman all the time the project is plastic the main production base that is in Asia-Pacific area. In recent years, the consumptive demand as China and area of Asian week border district increases quickly, di Siman announced in November 2007 the project plastic the productivity that mixes a factory in all rises 50% , and will 2008 implementation of the end of the year should grow a target. Di Siman still established service center of area research and development in factory of its river shade.

New Akulon®Odd 6 polyamide (PA6) factory uses banner technology, provide the security that has high level, health and environmental protection system. Plant design considered to produce can augment, in order to satisfy development requirement of future. New aggregate plant makes Di Siman becomes China exclusive one domestic general is odd 6 polyamide (PA6) whole product catenary, include amine of the acyl inside oneself, polymer and the company that mix a product to join together in all.