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Next year of item of Ba Sifu Chongqing is obtained batch

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PUWORLD (2008/09/05) -- the process of progress of project of 400 thousand tons of MDI that Basifu invests in Chongqing before this all the time complicated and confusing, yesterday, the unit project of this world-class had relatively clear message eventually. Ba Sifu and division of Chongqing industry garden show consistently, this project is carrying a state at present of relevant section examine and approve, predict to will obtain a license first quarter at next year.

On the fair of industry of 2008 international polyurethane that begins at 3 days, the relevant personnel that comes from area of Chongqing industry garden says to the reporter, although the project still is in,examine and approve in the center, but the facilities of form a complete set of base of project of Ba Sifu MDI has opened build. According to introducing, current, the major project of area of garden of Chongqing chemical industry has been built finish, already many enterprises are entered halt, area of Chongqing project garden is divided in all for many area, include area of garden of chemical industry of area of garden of careful chemical industry, petro-chemical garden area, natural gas to wait among them.

Before this, of project of MDI of Ba Sifu Chongqing be in act in a way that defeats one's purpose manner from beginning to end when thing both sides: Discretion of Ba Sifu respect makes known his position the project fulfils a circumstance, and Chongqing respect is high-key announce project progress, unite this first for both sides show project progress case publicly jointly.