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Ba Sifu Elastospray

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System of roof of polyurethane of spray of Ba Sifu Elastospray®CH, it is the horniness polyurethane foam with spray gun construction, contain the closed pore rate that is as high as 95% . It is good to have high-powered, wear and low safeguard, the advantage of heat preservation of roofing heat insolation of low moving cost. It is one kind is not had at the same time crack system of waterproof heat preservation, because this can eliminate hot bridge,provide superior heat preservation performance.

Application: Foam of Elastospray®CH spray polyurethane (SPF) apply to roofing of new old structure. Among them the old house of 95% transforms a project can using base material formerly directly construction of aspirant travel spray, reduced the charge of eliminate surface layer and the rubbish that arise from this, and avoid to expose house interior trim and shorten shutdown period.

In interviewing, relevant personage expresses, elastospray®CH is special apply to: The three respects such as face-lifting of the roofing system of a variety of types, attaint and the roofing consolidate that lack adiabatic heat preservation, old architectural.

This personage expresses at the same time, the advantage of Elastospray®CH bubble system reflects in: The chemical with energy-saving, good environmental protection and be able to bear or endure lukewarm ability, lighter, stronger structure.