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American economy get warm again after a cold spell, coating rebounds

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American economy get warm again after a cold spell, occurrence dimensions of coating market demand rebounds. Introduce according to expert of guild of Chinese epoxy resin, a newest American coating market studies the report shows, to 2012 American market is mixed to coating paint product, demand will increase with raising the rate of 3.1% every year, this is to get greatly 2002 ~ of American 2007 the influence of slump. In American economic depression period in, still accompanying raw material price to go tall, restrict strictly ceaselessly with environmental protection code, these coating that give the United States and paint market caused not little impact. At the same time this market report still points out, product of traditional dissolvent coating will continue to get the ceaseless concussion of coating of ability in swimming, market dimensions and market share will continue low. Besides coating of ability in swimming, new student force still includes Gao Guhan to measure product of coating, coating and other blame dissolvent coating. But also should see, this kind of development still can get the influence of dimensions of business of American future paint and productivity. This market research that has by research organization of Freedonia industry market and forecast, will publish the newest first phase that publishs in the near future to go up.

The portion in regarding coating as the market and the one part with use the largest amount, the demand scale that constructs coating takes the in part of all coating gross. Because of estate of this United States and residential estate market, also having crucial effect to coating market. American real estate builds coating market as the United States, the biggest spending and demand industry, predict to will appear before 2012 the market of dweller residence domain rebounds, believe to build coating to also can suffer this effect, appear one is compared pull apparently litre. Investigation still shows, the demand of interior trim coating the demand rustproof lacquer of prep above room, because latter gets,did not come to what new material develops to restrict. But the occurrence that undertakes fiber enhances a technology in coating, will bring can besmear the application of sexual new material increases, this meeting pulls the requirement that changes the coating outdoor to grow. Introduce according to expert of guild of Chinese epoxy resin, domain of coating of other explicit car, this industry will continue to act the part of coating demand large family, as the United States and global car line of business revive again, the demand of car coating also will increase somewhat. Metallic treatment and finishing are the property that another develops quickly, housing materials of metal of United States of this profit from and the get warm again after a cold spell that build the market, this also will pull the manufacturing measure that uses this kinds of coating.

Take the anticorrosion of coating quantity of total demand and field of special type coating, will develop as the high speed of American freeway, railroad and bridge industry and get developing. Mix to bridge safety as the United States the ceaseless investment of care and maintenance, predicting future bridge and highway coating, will appear large-scale requirement raises status. According to guild of Chinese epoxy resin (Www.epoxy-e.cn) expert introduces, american paint job has a lot of big companies, company of American combination paint is among them one of, it held water 1919, early in 20 centuries 20 time begin production, 50 time begin to develop and produce coating of flexibility of high-powered special type, include housetop painting, building coating and industrial coating. The fraction that these coating are carrying world each district at present sells business people, sell and managing of large area. Company of American combination paint belongs to company of North America paint 50 strong, year turnover amounts to 200 million dollar, it is the pioneer of domain of the world's accepted special type coating. The United States combines the pioneer of paint company or domain of many painting technology: The first develops successful concrete appropriative to permeate fluid, and establish the performance standard related its; The first development succeeded to be able to refrigerate the butyl balata of area fluid construction in microtherm; The first develops successful and stretch Yakeli painting system; The earliest development is successful on the world 100% solid content is fast one of companies of coating of polyurethane of solidify double constituent.