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Luomenhasi will build acrylic latex plant in Vietnam

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Luomenhasi announces last week. The Ren Ze city that will invest 10 thousand dollars of L000 to save churchyard with Nai in Vietnam builds to produce can amount to 2. 50 thousand tons of / year acrylic latex factory, in order to satisfy the need that local paint and coating market rise quickly. This factory will be built in the Renzedi that is apart from Hu Zhiming city to make an appointment with 30 kilometers to be in 3 period inside industrial garden, on 2009 go into operation builds in year. At the appointed time Luo Men breaths out factory of paint of Si Yatai area to will be added by 11 to Home L2. Network of Asia-Pacific division plant is Luomenhasi the whole world the one part of 34 factories system.

Luomenhasi's paint and dimensions of coating data business already amounted to 2 billion dollar at present. Vice president of this business department holds Bruce of Asia-Pacific area chief inspector concurrently. Huoqienaier (Bruce Hoechner) says: "One this is Luomenhasi invests with great quantity. Can bring gross strategic profit. Luomenhasi already had history of more than 12 years to product of Vietnam market input. In recent years, we supply the product of China and Thailand factory production to Vietnam market, with period catch up with hard the growth pace of demand. However demand rises continuously all the time, anticipate the growth rate inside year will achieve prospective L0 annual L5 % . To satisfy the demand that the client increases ceaselessly. Be in place to build a plant already was imperative. Be in place to build a plant already was imperative..

Luomenhasiyin can offer high grade product to the client and can satisfy a client all sorts of specific requirement. High reputation is enjoyed in Vietnam. This it will make Ren Ze plant to have the production base of advanced production technology, and can timely expand produce can, in order to satisfy market demand of future. The technical service lab that is located in Singapore and the center of top class research and development that are established in Chinese Shanghai will offer a technology support for all Asian factories. Huoqienaier says. This new Vietnam plant will raise whole Asia-Pacific area to supply the efficiency of catenary and capacity.

In past half an year. The coating new plant of the Qin Nai of the 3 water that Luomenhasi is in Chinese Fosan city and India in succession put into production, the factory that enlarged to be located in Indian Taloja is produced can. At present Luomenhasi still is in Russia, Turkey and Mexican build factory or the dimensions that expand to already had a plant.