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Jiangsu violet petrifaction is versed in colophony of 10 thousand tons of abilit

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By Jiangsu limited company of science and technology of violet stone chemical industry and Singapore state-maintained Hua Dong manage of university, Shanghai is versed in the university teachs collaboration, always invest 36 million yuan of RMBs, cover an area of 20 thousand smooth rice, produce per year colophony of 10 thousand tons of ability in swimming and relevant auxiliary project, prepare to construct more through two years, on August 8, 2008 put into production moves.

This project is located in Jiangsu to save the sea to install a developing zone to turn main street of labour garden Nanhai subtly (in) 8. Main product has: Benzene third, pure third, stretch, flexible, fight father's younger brother of third of alkaline, silicon, vinegar, back cover to wait for series latex, and the dispersive agent, anti-foaming agent, thickener, auxiliary that become film. The building of this project will be a building coating, waterproof, outside wall heat preservation, the industry such as papermaking, spin offers the colophony of high grade ability in swimming of green environmental protection and auxiliary.

Limited company of science and technology of chemical industry of Jiangsu violet stone (factory of violet petrifaction of Yuan Haian county) found 1988, it is the professional chemical plant that produces acrylic series latex, auxiliary. Violet stone chemical industry is with developing ethical industry oneself, start violet rock state-owned brand is a tenet, threw much labor power, material resources, cooperate with orgnaization of international friend and domestic school, scientific research, developed third of benzene third, pure third, stretch, silicon, back cover successfully, fight latex of third of alkaline, vinegar, use extensively wait for an industry at building, spin, papermaking. Product function is achieved or exceed level of domestic and international congener product, jiangsu of Ceng Huo " saves " of certificate of achievement of science and technology, passed IS09001? Attestation of system of D2000 international quality, the " that obtains Jiangsu to save Nantong to be versed in management board of commercial firm politics is issued abides by contract keep good faith certificate of honor of business of enterprise "AAA stage, nantong city famous label. The product sells many 1000 more than 10 province city of past whole nation, user. The company invested land of 36 million yuan of commandeer 2006 30 mus build new plant area, cast in November 2007 postpartum, year productivity 20 thousand tons.