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Lanzhou petrifaction production gives heel of colophony product HS3301 special f

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On September 2, after 8 tons of names that first production of Lanzhou petrifaction company gives are examined for HS3301 colophony product, quality is completely eligible, fight impact strength to determine the value achieves every square metre 40 1000 anxious, be head and shoulders above formulary value, indicating the high-heeled shoes of Lanzhou petrifaction new development is special material success put into production.

By last year December, department of government of this company quality concerns a branch to begin survey of colophony product market to visit a service in coordination, through much square investigation, the staff member saw special feed puts manufacturing colophony in the market potential with tremendous move. Because use 0.4 centimeters at producing a diameter to be to 0.6 centimeters heel place to need special feed colophony, the requirement fights impact strength index to want to achieve every square metre 33 1000 anxious, and the colophony product that Lanzhou petrifaction produces at that time fights value of impact strength index to be in on average every square metre 20 1000 Jiao Zun is right, cannot satisfy the requirement of the user at all.

Lanzhou petrifaction takes the lead by quality government department establish quality to tackle key problem group, consult relevant data, make a heel the colophony product standard that special feed brand is HS3301. Manufacturing unit from craft condition proceed with, the change produces flow, strengthen control to produce each segment of the process.

Current, lanzhou petrifaction 9 batches in all special feed pours out of heel of HS3301 of product of 72 tons of colophony smoothly product line, 5 quality index obtains all products completely requirement, indicate new development product develops a Lanzhou petrifaction again gave new market.