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Small besmear look forward to faces dilemma in suitable heart

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On September 10, 2008 dispatch: In recent years environment of market of our country coating produces change, as open to the outside world to be accelerated with capital attraction pace, huge coating demand is attracting foreign business enter. Although world coating already crossed high speed to develop period, and market of developed country coating tends saturated, but in recent years the developing country grows quickly, draw the demand that used global coating market; Growth of market of Asia-Pacific area coating is rapidder, although India, Korea and Chinese Taiwan also have rapidder growth, but chinese mainland grows with rapidder rate, year all add fast will be in 6.6 % . Huge market becomes heat of competition of global paint big company, before competitor of company of powerful foreign capital, share of many market of domestic paint business are missing. Guangdong of town of military importance of our country coating arranges heart circumstance Yi Ran, local medium and small businesses is faced with the travel before predicament, hardship. Coating group has a such words: Chinese coating sees coating of Guangdong, Guangdong read suitable mind, suitable heart has become countrywide famous painting to produce base, have paint company nearly 300, produce per year a quantity to take the throughout the country 10% , among them carpentry furniture lacquer takes the throughout the country 50% , have quality of 4 countries product to avoid level of 3 product of check product, 2 China famous brand, states company of new and high technology. But setting is killed to fall in driving competitor, suffer effect of many sided element, suitable heart a lot of besmear look forward to especially in small painting business, be immersed in huge predicament in. A lot of and adverse element wants relatively to big enterprise impact small, come to big company fight risk ability strong, 2 come to big company digest cost to rise bring fight pressure method, channel and strength to want to compare small company strong a lot of. At present small painting business is facing a difficulty in suitable heart: Hold out He Rili of past criterion wind, it is difficult nevertheless to hold out escape close down destiny.

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Last centuries before 90 time, foreign capital basically is little capital of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan enters coating market, the improvement trade outside using our country cheap labor and favourable policy to be engaged in both ends be in, existing with domestic paint business the market is complementary relation, lesser to impact of domestic coating market. Development rises job of suitable heart paint at that time, enterprise of partial civilian battalion depends on the quick management way, coating product that provides distinguishing feature quite, with special geographical advantage, won the position of coating market for oneself, but up to now many enterprise or mill type production, scale of production sale of small, market more show stragglers and disbanded soldiers, do not talk to go up have long-term management strategy. According to guild of Chinese epoxy resin (Www.epoxy-e.cn) expert introduces, produce per year the person that measure 5000 tons of above very few, and the product is in centrally more in cheap market. And large transnational corporation is entered stage by stage after 90 time, they adopt the strategy and buy, collaboration, joint-stock, in recent years brand of coating of China of market of coating of progressively and occupational China, encircle and suppress, form the scope effect of market unifinication, achieve globalization to manage an end.