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Contented family name: The opportunity is best bait

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On September 11, 2008 dispatch: Contented family name is chemical: The opportunity is best bait. Do not think campus invite applications for a job is very simple, outstanding graduate, it is the object that each rich and powerful family contends for forever. No matter be the rise by force of manpower cost, still value in-house education of the talent more, or it is the change that is based on investment strategy, a phenomenon is: Campus invite applications for a job is in nearly two years of all the more are fervent rise. In May 2008 by " management of China and foreign countries " those who hold " HR transition: From rich play chess arrives win-win " in forum, the HRD that comes from preeminent company people, almost all without exception emphasizes " campus invite applications for a job " trend, dimensions and skill. In the meantime, released on June 19, 2008 according to net of China person of outstanding ability " optimal employer investigates undergraduate of the 6th China " the result shows: In the competition that more famous and large companies added campus invite applications for a job. Give campus to attract these to just be crossed " 80 hind " , every company is in ground of do one's best " hawk " him move " employer figure " . To astute " 80 hind " , after all what can let their show respect for? The what condition of the enterprise most attract these enthusiasm actual graduate? "Actually, no matter be the student of strong finish school, the person that still has had old job experience, apply for a job, what value most still is the scope that the profession expands. We let them see such opportunity. " began to have campus invite applications for a job 2005, entered 2008 " Chinese undergraduate is optimal employer " the contented family name of sheet of a list of names posted up is chemical, its are big inspector general of department of resource of China area manpower expresses so at vasting -- guild of Chinese epoxy resin (Www.epoxy-e.cn) expert says.

Had done " before " campus invite applications for a job. According to guild of Chinese epoxy resin (Www.epoxy-e.cn) expert introduces, chemistry of contented family name is entered China 1981, but campus invite applications for a job just begins from 2005. Be the pattern that competes with the talent is change concerned? Yu Miao says: With Chinese market major in globalization development change is concerned, also follow the change of global talent distributinging pattern to concern. 2005, chemistry of contented family name decides to build the center of global research and development of near 700 people in China, build global IT center even. When contented family name the decision builds these two centers when, basic concept is: Where is the talent, where can the center be. For instance: The person that reads manage engineering course in the United States now is less and less, as chemical company, the person that can bring is less and less also. The trend that the talent will distributing henceforth is: Major engineer, scientist, will come from China, India. Contented family name develops to come true to be able to last of the talent, regard talent library of future as China. Still having is China's tremendous market potential, we begin to do a few big investment projects from last year, the project that there are two about a hundred 100 million U.S. dollors at least in China now is in build. If say production is here, so the manufacturing talent, talent of the sale, talent of research and development needs to catch up with. Begin from 2005 so, contented family name has the preparation that undertook the talent goes up politicly, campus invite applications for a job occupies the 1/3 of integral invite applications for a job. Some closer year come the competition of campus invite applications for a job is more intense. But arrive from 2005 now, contented family name received the application of many 40 thousand student. Be what attracts graduate so? Yu Miao is such answers to this problem: What contented family name can offer a student is very charming, it is us what give " opportunity " .