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Day and: Form energy-saving fall bad news economy

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At present, often a few enterprises are mixed to Zhejiang day " go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures " , but those who obtain is not " knack of doing business " , however " energy-saving fall bad news classics " . Tian Heyan became the energy-saving model in each enterprise heart like that. Zhejiang day and colophony limited company found 1996, be located in Lin Hailing river bank, it is scientific research of a market, production, commerce at an organic whole integrated model civilian battalion enterprise, major produces not saturated resin, apply extensively at the industry such as button, scagliola, glass reinforced plastics, year productivity 100 thousand tons, first place of course of study of person of the same trade of dimensions house country, Asia the 2nd. "We are awaited in those days belong to feeling stone to cross a river, although want to save very much in the heart, but do not wait to reach the designated position as a result of methodological consciousness, wasteful phenomenon is very serious still. " having this company environmental protection energy-saving the say factory director Chen Kaifu of the first person says frankly, the so called trash that 1 time drops at that time can buy 1 intermediate car. Use through collecting later, reclaimed mellow kind with polyester, regard as raw material throws production afresh. "Trash " the economic benefits that can produce many yuan 50 every year. Arrive from trash raw material, from " drop " a car arrives produce enormous economic benefits, day and in energy-saving fall on bad news benefit is tasted first. Coal price was climbed stage by stage last year litre, chen Kaifu is moved again went up brains. This company boiler every month coal consumption near 200 tons, press every tons 800 yuan of or so computation, a month has to draw out 160 thousand yuan.

Did not pass how long, cistern of a warm-up is placed inside the boiler room that the day mixes. This covers warm-up cistern is economizer actually to improve edition, use the heating surface that sheds the flue gas with inferior temperature of flue of classics boiler rear to increase heat boiler water supply, make water Wen Zaijin goes can achieving 100 ℃ to control before boiler, improve the thermal efficiency of boiler greatly, can be day and section coal 20% . But Chen Kaifu still was not satisfied, did this coal omit that report? Then he frequency conversion technology, application was in on system of boiler pressure automation. This one small improvement, expenditure has 6800 yuan only, annual OK however section report many degrees 336416. Bureau of Economics of industry of the city that overlook the lake holds boiler technically energy-saving transform congress, to whole town many 40 boiler is used can the experience technology that day of large family promotion mixes. Besides, the day is mixed is to take seriously more improving engineering technology in order to achieve energy-saving fall the purpose of bad news. They pass the technical recipe that adjusts 907-8, make vacuumize time shortened 1.5 hours, 25% what take vacuumize time, reduce the loss that tape of the stock in vacuumize process gives, make be produced so that lead thereby rise, reduced vacuumize process liquid waste discharge. Come down one year, bring profit of nearly 5 million yuan of economy for entire company.