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Oneself 2 acid are produced can expand quickly

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PUWORLD (08/09/04) -- the reporter learns in interview, suffer upriver raw material to rise in price this year reach downstream trade demand not flourishing influence, oneself demand of 2 sour markets did not erupt from beginning to end, however the situation of prices depression does not have influential oneself the enlarge of 2 acerbity manufacturers produces step.

Have oneself 2 acerbity manufacturers represent, although 8 years downstream domain is opposite oneself the demand situation of 2 acid is not very good, but polyurethane is right in the near future oneself hopeful rises sharply the demand of 2 acid.

Also job wife holds different point of view to think, from the point of the state of affairs of a few years of development in the past, polyurethane estate development is forecasted hard, condition heals difficult control, the price and profit are flabbier and flabbier calm.

The personage inside course of study tells a reporter, 2007 Chinese home oneself 2 acid always are produced can be 195 kiloton / year. And 2008 begin China to build with reconstructive oneself 2 acerbity projects, include Shandong rich to collect 150 kiloton / year, Shandong big course of study 140 kiloton / year, alone Shan Zitian benefit 75 kiloton / year. This personage thinks, to 2009 Chinese home oneself 2 acid always are produced can can achieve 560 kiloton / year.

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