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Polyurethane market " get warm again after a cold spell " will come

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PUWORLD (08/09/01) -- after the Olympic Games ends, as ban of each district chemical remove in succession, and the arrival of polyurethane tradition busy season. Polyurethane demand growth is about to start.

In interviewing, polyurethane trafficker thinks generally, although the Olympic Games has ended, but polyurethane demand growth still needs period of time, accordingly, the demand of busy season of polyurethane of second half of the year increases, also should be in the most quickly in September ability of the middle ten days of a month gradually improvement.

The personage inside course of study expresses, although 9, the traditional busy season that October is course of study of the parade below polyurethane, but accept demand of trade of traditional first half of the year busy season low confuse an impact, second half of the year is traditional this year busy season each plan that downstream manufacturer has control yield more. Because demand of this busy season increases extent general be hard to photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year.