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Internationalization industry group values prospect of Chinese polyurethane mark

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Pan Qing of reporter of channel of xinhua net Shanghai reported on September 4: Accompany car, building, motion to lie fallow the rapid development that waits for an industry, china had exceeded world other area to the growth of polyurethane demand, and hopeful made the polyurethane market with the biggest whole world 2015. The inviting business chance of contain of this one market, produced huge attraction to internationalization industry group.

On the fair of industry of polyurethane of 2008 China International that holding here, tycoons of large quantities of international chemical industry show a body in succession, mix in order to make clear them to the attention of Chinese market interest.

Exhibit on the meeting, the ester of cyanic acid of different of 2 phenyl firedamp that the polymer with the greatest whole world produces one of companies to did obeisance to ear material science and technology to reveal its to be located in Shanghai unifinication to produce base (MDI) the new student produces establishment. This one establishment is produced can achieve 350 thousand tons, will this year the put into production inside year. As the whole world the biggest only kind MDI produces device, this one establishment used science and technology of the material that do obeisance to ear to enjoy craft of patent gas phase phosgene.

"2015, chinese hopeful makes the polyurethane market with the biggest whole world. To doing obeisance to ear material science and technology for, china is one of strategic markets with the mainest whole world undoubtedly, " department of business of polyurethane of area of Asia-Pacific of science and technology of the material that do obeisance to ear is advanced vice-president Dr. Ou Huihua (Dr. Azita Owlia) say.

Ou Huihua discloses, science and technology of the material that do obeisance to ear still plans to be in the BaySystems network factory that the fourth quarter is in Guangzhou for its this year to hold inauguration ceremony, offer the polyurethane solution with degree of custom-built body for the client, in order to satisfy the requirement of the industry such as the Chinese shoe line of business of rapid development, car and electric home appliances

Value the international of prospect of Chinese polyurethane market to turn labour tycoon, do not do obeisance to ear only. Exhibit the 500 strong company of world that can appear in this one major at the same time Basifu, established Ba Sifu polyurethane in Guangdong not only (China) limited company, still established center of research and development of technology of its polyurethane Asia-Pacific in Shanghai.

The data that comes from association of Chinese polyurethane industry shows, chinese polyurethane industry obtained great progress two years recently, the product output 2008 predicts can increase to from 3 million tons of 2006 3.8 million tons, year all grow about 13 % , hopeful of production value criterion increases 90 billion yuan from 65 billion yuan, year all grow nearly two to become.

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