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Future of beautiful coating market will grow 5 years

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According to the United States Fuliduoniya (Freedonia) the newest research report of advisory company shows, suffer residential construction and car to make the stimulation that industrial sole rebounds, did not come to the United States 5 years paint and coating market will with year all the rate of 3.1% rises, to 2012 market dimensions will amount to 23 billion dollar. Among them, the demand of traditional dissolvent coating will continue to drop, and water radical, Gao Guhan is measured and the market demand of coating will increase quickly.
Report middle finger goes out, in demand the biggest building coating field, of demand of interior trim coating add fast want coating of prep above exterior trim, main reason is material of plastic wall body gradually popular, this kind of material does not need coating to undertake colorring. In manufacturing industry domain, prefab metal installs a system to will become coating demand to increase one of the sharpest markets. Safeguard coating and demand of special type coating to maintain bridge of benefit from benefit from and highway the stimulation that expenses rises quickly, 1/5 what this one part takes American coating market about.