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Polypropylene market is short-term inside continuously exhausted weak posture

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After the market rises first last week, drop
China north area: Oil of early days China is moved on China north price last week, have to the market urge action certainly. But after the Olympic Games passes, circumjacent and downstream enterprise still did not resume go into operation, affect somewhat to demand, middleman is given priority to with giving resource of low of clear early days. The market supplies grow in quantity, the price begins concussion to drop, time spit early days to go up. Local T30S producer price is in 13000 yuan / or so tons, market price case is in 13000 ~ 13100 yuan / ton.
Hua Dong area: Terminal demand does not have clear improvement, add storehouse weak market to glide continuously, make at a stand of the market at the beginning of week, appear 300 ~ 400 yuan / ton drop. Cut is consummate Zhou Si, t30S mainstream quote is in 13100 ~ 13300 yuan / or so tons, raise child F401 mainstream quote is in 13250 ~ 13300 yuan / ton.
Hua Na area: Because demand is not had,improve, together with businessman takes power shortage hope to international crude oil, last week prices once more concussion fall after a rise. Hua Na area is overall resource is very few, but demand is more weak, the businessman is at present wait-and-see give priority to, clinch a deal the amount is small. T30S of area of head of suitable heart, Shan does not have fare case mainstream to be in 12500 yuan / or so tons, mainstream of ticket of Guangzhou T30S belt is in 13200 yuan / or so tons, price of Xiamen belt ticket is in 13250 ~ 13300 yuan / ton.
This week market sees a drop
Supply a side: Because current global requirement is fatigued and weak, domestic and international resource all very enough. To alleviate inventory pressure, the enterprise such as stage model keeps rate of small go into operation. And refine of Daqing petrifaction, Daqing was changed in September, Tianjin couplet is changed the plan is trimmed in all having.
Upriver price goes situation: Price of crude oil futures last week 3 close the 3rd day continuously tall. The element of futures of the crude oil that prop up still includes a dollar to go exhausted, reach what Russia and western country appear with respect to Gelujiya to last intense concern.
Downstream demand: Downstream demand did not anticipate like the businessman in the Olympic Games end hind improves quickly, because go to crude oil downstream situation do not value, continue to leave city wait-and-see at present, expect the price drops further. Weak demand did not support power to the market, after businessman hype rises, drop very quickly once more, short-term inside still hard materiality improves.
Integration analysis, downstream demand restores slow, together with crude oil goes situation is flabby, hope of the town after market personage is opposite generally is scant, at present pressure of domestic and international inventory all very big, predict short-term inside the market continues fatigued and weak concussion is given priority to, resource still is waited for digest.