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The Olympic Games brings a project the business chance of plastic mart

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Business company on September 3 dispatch 2008, chinese plastic industry will continue to maintain steady growth, domestic demand will expand steadily. Beijing holds the Olympic Games, the application that extends plastic products market further and development, give green especially plastic brought infinite business chance, because exit drops,eliminate stage by stage brought negative effect. Demand of future of market of domestic plastic products basically is packing plastic products, building centrally a few respects such as traffic of plastic products, agricultural and plastic products, industry and electronic communication. Sports fitness equipment and application of industry of medical apparatus and instruments will grow considerably; What toy industry turns to have environmental protection character to use likely is plastic. The project is plastic will still be the domain with the rapiddest growth. Along with the rapid development of Chinese manufacturing industry, the applied field with plastic project is extensive with each passing day, consumption increases ceaselessly. And ranked the of first PA with plastic project to also receive wider and wider application.

One, amine of the acyl inside oneself opposes dumping policy still is interest good factor to the development of nylon industry

Amine of the acyl inside oneself turns over dumping policy to ended on June 6 at 8 years, the entrance that Department of Commerce announces to stop Japan, Belgian to be being originated in formerly, Germany, Holand and Russia amine of the acyl inside oneself is collected oppose dumping tax. Amine of the acyl inside oneself is nylon the upriver product of 6, stop amine of pair of the acyl inside oneself this to implement the change that opposes dumping measure policy, short-term inside won't bring apparent change to price of amine of the acyl inside oneself, long-term and character, the benefit development at domestic nylon industry.

2, dispatches from foreign news agency forecasts demand of Chinese polyamide polymer growth is driving

According to the report, chinese polyamide polymer and compound demand were 511 thousand tons 2007, predict to will grow 758 thousand tons 2010. Set in British AWJ Consulting to consult a research of the company according to headquarters, 3 years demand of Chinese polyamide market increased speed on average to be 15%/ in the past year, forecast future 3 years will with 13.9%/ year speed continues to grow. Demand of Chinese polyamide market is medium last year, note model to shape occupy 82% , and electric equipment / 50% what electronic product takes total demand almost. Car application occupies inject to shape about the 16% portion of the market, this is the branch with the rapiddest growth undoubtedly, this research says. In 2003-2006 year, output of car of Chinese passenger transport increased 100% , grew 23% 2007 only. Every car dosage also will increase the polyamide in the car that China produces substantially, current level is 7 reach 8 kilograms, still lag behind at what western country produces a car to use an amount far. The report says, PA6 import volume is occupied about 2007 64% of 315 thousand tons of demand. PA66 import volume holds demand proportion taller, the 193 thousand tons demand in last year has 86% to come from an entrance about.