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Our country adhesive course of study should adjust industrial structure in time

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World man-made board produce big country. the lumber glue sticky agent that uses in man-made board year dosage already amounted to many tons 500, the glue sticky agent that is be worthy of the name uses big country. But, sticky agent of glue of Niao aldehyde colophony still is our country man-made board manufactures the sticky dose of synthetic resin glue with use the largest amount, dosage occupies the 60%-70% of lumber glue sticky agent about. The mainest problem that sticky agent of this kind of glue exists is to release free formaldehyde, become the one catastrophe that endangers dweller life health to inscribe. So, is condition of our country's current development of production of glue sticky agent what kind of? Why does domestic company use the glue sticky agent of low qualitative fitness there is damage?
Low of industry of fast growth unpleasant attack by surprise is low simple competition
Adhesive is product of a kind of chemical industry, advocate if be used at man-made board carrying trade of course of study of course of study of building materials of production, building, the brand that pack, shoemaking course of study, traffic and course of study of home appliance electron.
From the point of condition of current supply and demand, the market demand of tall, medium, cheap product will be in industry of our country adhesive coexist inside quite long henceforth period of time. General general-purpose the appearance that medium, cheap product requests for be more than is very serious, market competition is intense. Of quality qualification general-purpose medium, cheap product is in of the market have rate about 60% , and year increase rate is in 7%-9% , predict to be in this will maintain to grow impetus inside 10 years henceforth. Development of high-powered high quality product is very rapid, year increase rate is in commonly 12% above, some is as high as 20-40% , the growth rate henceforth predicts prep above 10% , development foreground is very good. As the rapid development of our country economy, special type adhesive and its product demand will increase ceaselessly, having very large development space.
Prospect of market of high-powered glue sticky agent is very good, but domestic company produces his rarely can upgrade replacement. What Zheng Zhifeng of professor of college of project of science of woodiness of southwest forest institute and adornment says no less than, "Cost is sticky agent of environmental protection glue the stumbling block that large-scale applying. " he says, niao aldehyde colophony becomes our country lumber to machine the synthetic resin glue with the biggest dosage of course of study sticky agent, because cost of Niao aldehyde colophony is low,basically be, cost of sticky agent of environmental protection glue is high. Because industrial chemicals price rises in the round, the totle drilling cost of sticky agent of ritzy other environmental protection glue already from the 2400-2500 before a few months yuan / ton, rise 3000 multivariate / ton, and the totle drilling cost of sticky agent of glue of Niao aldehyde colophony rose only about 500 yuan / ton, the cost that causes board of environmental protection man-made directly should build plank tower above every tons than Everyman 3, 400 yuan or so. This affects product sale directly, affect company profit then. When consumer is choosing, face the board that looks to be distinguished without what, very easy choice buys the product with low price. Once the enterprise discovers product of sticky agent of glue of environmental protection lumber sells badly, the person that order goods can decrease, go up to make price war greatly plus the market, the company dare not expand scale of production more, more never mention it give priority to course of study with this. Go up century 90 time, northeast forestry university gives series low formaldehyde to release sticky agent of glue of Niao aldehyde colophony with respect to development. But because cost is exorbitant, popularize hard all the time come.