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Polyurethane market is small fan in cleaning small trafficker

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It is 6 years with 7 years below the hype of Olympic Games economy, situation of progress of economy of domestic each industry is auspicious, polyurethane industry development is swift and violent, demand growth appears " bovine city " . This attracted a lot of trafficker to make the decision of a polyurethane, in succession go into business makes polyurethane trade.

However, get a country this year from tight policy, the RMB appreciates, early days of raw material cost goes tall, labor cost rises wait for multiple element influence, the industry such as downstream shoemaking, spin, toy, freezer is in polyurethane get the price diversionary, adopt in succession reduce go into operation. Face the situation of shrink of trafficker profit space, a few in small trafficker chose " from " .

The personage inside partial course of study expresses, although polyurethane prices is stagnant this year, but the development that can't affect polyurethane industry to be in China. Through in the near future develop, china makes hopeful the biggest polyurethane market on the world. As the wide application of polyurethane, the demand of polyurethane raw material is sure to be added considerably go up.