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Low hydrosphere than be able to bear or endure sulfur commutation makes methanol

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The reporter opens know of limited company of auspicious chemical industry from Henan yesterday, the fine coal aerification that applies Qingdao couplet to believe chemical limited company to develop, low hydrosphere the device that than be able to bear or endure sulfur commutation makes methanol technology, auspicious company leaves to drive in Henan from July 1 successful up to now, run 1 many months smoothly already, and energy-saving advantage is clear, it is completely feasible that vital energy of technology of aerification of fine coal of proof carapace card uses low hydrosphere to undertake than commutation flow methanol is produced. Thereby fill tall carbon monoxide (CO) content synthesis gas compares the international blank that methanol makes below commutation craft condition in low hydrosphere, the synthesis of fine coal aerification that compares for tall carbon hydrogen enrages open up the new outlet of an energy-saving, environmental protection.
As we have learned, in new technology, the first reactor needs to add only a few vapour, the 2nd paragraph is connected with the 3rd paragraph ultra cold a few water drops in temperature and increase hydrosphere to compare, with respect to the requirement that can satisfy methanol to produce, and alternate the process converts deputy reaction without methane. With traditional Gao Shui gas comparing alternates craft photograph is compared, new technology at least but managing vapour 15 tons / hour, still can save condenser water of follow-up workshop section in great quantities at the same time, unit operation is smooth and energy-saving effect is distinct, because this is of a kind of special ideal,synthesize gas to manufacture the technology of methanol with high concentration CO. Afterwards applies successfully last year after Guangxi willow converts the plant that make ammonia, low hydrosphere than be able to bear or endure sulfur commutation craft applies successfully at methanol plant again.
As we have learned, the raw material that craft of aerification of housing card fine coal makes enrages medium CO content to be as high as 60% above, accentuated not only be able to bear or endure the CO commutation bear of sulfur shift system, and the firedamp that causes tall exothermic possibly still converts deputy reaction, overheating of layer of activation agent bed. Convert deputy reaction to avoid to alternate workshop section produces methane, tall hydrosphere was used to compare commutation technology mostly in traditional design. Although can restrain methane to convert deputy reaction,tall hydrosphere is compared, but compare as a result of CO chroma and hydrosphere tall, reaction impetus is big, the outfit quantity of a paragraph of activator should have change a bit only, with respect to deepness of reaction of can apparent effect, control bed layer temperature not easily.
According to introducing, in the other methanol device that uses craft of aerification of housing card fine coal to drive in in advance, because bear is inferior or the surplus of activator backfill is larger, the first reactor all appeared overheating phenomenon. To drop reactor temperature, the hydrosphere of the first reactor raises 2 above than wanting. Create the great waste of energy not only so, and because a paragraph of activator is in,move below the slashing condition of high temperature, activator can appear turn over vulcanization phenomenon, affect normal production.