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High-tech new material aids flying Olympic Games

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On August 28, 2008 dispatch: Rangyiwa flies to carbolic fine stay bar taller, bird's nest uses newest and plastic track -- high-tech new material aids flying Olympic Games. The Yixinbayewa before half many month broke world record the 23rd times, she lets the rail of pole vault stay in 5.04 meters height. Inside domain of woman pole vault be concerned about has only, that is Russia girl can jump after all much taller. She is in tonight bird's nest personally unlock this one be concerned about. Want to jump so that Gao Guang relies on him to still be no good nevertheless, yixinbayewa still must ask a hand that medium staff. German 1789 Pu Ci jumped over 1.83 meters, this is the pole vault record of the first be documented probably. However after more than 200 years, an age gently the girl can cross 5 meters height easy to doly. For quite a long time the body that people tries to let his ceaselessly is close to a sky more, at the same time the stay bar of our place have the aid of also experienced a paragraph to overflow long evolving. 1896 the first Olympic Games, huo Ya of • of American athlete Williams' especially recumbent ponderosity, hard hickory created 3.3 meters world record. The London Olympic Games after 12 years is a milepost on history of stay bar high jump, jierbaitedi of American Yale student uses bamboo pole to jump over 3.71 meters to win championship. China enters the player Fu Baolu of Olympic Games final the first times to be in what used in match of pole vault of Berlin Olympic Games 1936 is bamboo pole. Bamboo pole photograph is richer than Yu Mu lever stretch, crude hollow structure makes the weight of stay bar is reduced, be helpful for an athlete fast run-up. However fibre glass stay bar is brilliant temporarily.

Come from for a short while " bamboo countryside " on the paper of Luoyang of Japanese stay bar of wild, Shikoku is expensive, "Bamboo pole times " world record also rose subsequently 4.77 meters. The hollow stay bar that Swedish steel and aluminium alloy make and nylon pole replaced the monopoly position of bamboo pole for a time, but after fibre glass stay bar appears on the Helsinki Olympic Games 1952, pole vault enters a new era at this point. A few years short a world record ink marks is not dry by refresh, till break through,6 meters close greatly. Introduce according to expert of guild of Chinese epoxy resin, fibre glass stay bar says again for " stay bar of glass reinforced plastics " , it can be brought " get effect instantly " the effect, depend on it lighter self-prossessed with extremely strong flexibility. Because lever is reduced greatly again, the athlete holds the speed of lever run-up to be able to jump. Additional foreign minister is compared at " rigid " stay bar and ground " confront the tough with toughness " contact, "Flexible " after fiber lever be born more resembling is compressed bedspring. After fiber stay bar is pressed to bend, accumulated be out of shape potential energy, thereby can the athlete " play " to the middle of sky. Make so the athlete is in perpendicular rise and span the kinetic energy that the scrape up when him level run-up can make full use of when rail. Additional monarch of carbon fiber stay bar paths, the stay bar course on arena changes ceaselessly today, fibre glass stay bar already was used not quite. Fibre glass is replaced by carbon fiber; Not saturated polyester also is replaced by epoxy resin. The function of composite material of this kind of carbon fiber had than glass reinforced plastics substantially rise, present stay bar is consequently lighter, strength is better.