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Domestic PVC material is used get together get to the bottom of of current situa

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Polyurethane (PU) adhesive is an element ammonia is contained in catenary ester radical F, NHC00) and / or ester of different cyanic acid base (the adhesive of one NCO) . Polyurethane adhesive because performance is superior, get applied extensively in national economy, it is one of important breed in synthesizing adhesive. Huang Huoxing [7] studies modified crosses chloric ethylene kind colophony and polyurethane breed of two kinds of adhesive, make use at PVC leatheroid production process is stuck mediumly to receive. These two kinds of adhesive choose adjacent benzene 2 benzene ester makes 2 formic acid plasticizer. Join what measure certainly to add stick colophony, with right amount organic dissolvent, add right amount cross-linking agent. Should add stick colophony adjacent benzene the dosage of 2 benzene ester adds 2 formic acid 3759 when, of adhesive come off intensity is highest, right now come off intensity is 250N / 25cm. If continue,increase the dosage of plasticizer. Sub appears not drying, come off intensity is reduced instead. And join in solution of too chloric ethylene add after sticking colophony, can make of sample pressure add up to craft to have bigger improvement. If use chloridize colophony and resin of 422# modified colophony, the technical properties with can be obtained better at the same time and come off intensity. But do not suit to join all sorts of modified colophony colophony however in polyurethane colophony solution. And ester of all sorts of different cyanic acid kind cross-linking agent, come off to raising those who cross chloric ethylene sub intensity all has certain effect. The effect that overcomes accept in order to have the kind of 3 luscious groups especially is best. These two kinds of adhesive all can use at PVC leatheroid stick receive, but too chloric ethylene kind the sub of adhesive is harder, polyurethane kind sub is softer, anthology why to plant glue is planted inspect particular case to decide. The synthetic craft of the adhesive of electrostatic to PVC sealing strip flocking such as Peng Huajun and applied effect undertook treatise. This adhesive used adhesive of double constituent polyurethane, a constituent is upright hydroxyl polyester polyurethane, 8 constituent are Duan Yi cyanic acid radical gets together ether polyurethane.

The polarity of ester of amino formic acid that is its feature is contained to bolt in element of PVC flocking glue (one NHC00 one) , still contain not little ester key, ether key, niao key. It is having to a variety of material better stick receive performance. He Yicai narrated a kind to be used at PVC to decorate film the synthesis that one plate uses adhesive of odd constituent dissolvent polyurethane. Agent of catenary of ester of cyanic acid of the polyester that its choose tall crystallization to spend, different, enlarge for raw material, use chloric vinegar colophony to add stick. Of earning product come off intensity is 2cm of / of 30 ~ 60N, viscosity is L20 ~ 140s, excitant lesser. Index of each mechanical function all achieved this glue to import congener adhesive level, and roast activation condition has older rate to reduce, cost can be reduced greatly. Apply at PVC of domestic much home manufacturer of colour board production all is obtained reputably, can replace an entrance completely congener adhesive. Du Guanben introduced a kind to be the adhesive of bases with latex of high polymer of ability in swimming and ester of different cyanic acid, special those who apply to PVC film and woodiness base material is compound. It is L00 when latex and solidify agent scale: 7 F quality is compared) , the quantity that use gum is made an appointment with, for temperature of 1009 / M2, hot pressing O of 3min of cycle of 90 ℃ of 85 ~ , hot pressing, pressure. When 35MPa, the normal after PVC film 72h comes off intensity is 29N / Mm. This adhesive still has higher initiative strength, and engrave of lumber of can contented " , " of one PVC laminating machines mill carve patterns or designs on woodwork craft requirement. In addition, this adhesive is latex of high polymer of ability in swimming. Without organic dissolvent pollution, use safety, applicable range is wide. Xu Dasheng with self-restrained special polyester 2 alcohol, 4, firedamp of phenyl of 4` just a little ester of 2 different cyanic acid and enlarge catenary agent 1, 2 alcohol are 4 one man main raw material, synthesized a kind to be used at PU, the odd constituent adhesive that PVC compound change produces. With commonly used compound change adhesive of double constituent polyurethane is compared. This adhesive is had taller stick receive strength. The applied function contrast of these two kinds of adhesive sees watch L. Wei Minxi chooses MPU what adhesive of one 20 polyurethane uses at PVC / armor plate and glue board is compound. MPU of the L800 of one 20 glue come off intensity ≥ L. 96kN / M, PH value is in 6 ~ 8 between, and use temperature is in 0.4 ℃ . This glue has construction fast, craft is simple, economic man-hour, cost is low, stick relay after solidify of strong, normal temperature and sub solidify not dissolve not frit, avirulent, flame retardant characteristic. Use at the adornment of cabin room wall to decorate with the material after its are compound, the effect is better.