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Vacuum assists preparation of colophony perfusion colophony 1

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On August 28, 2008 dispatch: VARI(Vacuum Assisted Resin Lnfusion, abbreviation vacuum is auxiliary shape) the technology is a kind of new-style composite material low cost, high-powered shape technology, get in aviation domain in recent years extensive attention. VARI technology is to be below vacuum, use resinous flow, permeate implementation to reach its fabric macerate to fiber, shape in what vacuum issues solidify method. Introduce according to expert of guild of Chinese epoxy resin, the United States already undertook the experiment on the type such as VARI technology F-35, P-3, S-3, C-5, C-130 and test and verify work. VARI technology is in domain of other national defense (missile instrument cabin paragraph, submarine wainscot) also undertook the gender studies answering in great quantities, because this has tremendous applied perspective.

One, foreword

Matrix colophony is the fundamental material of VARI technology. At present the country developed a series of matrix colophony in the light of VARI craft, acyl of main colophony having ester, vinyl colophony, epoxy resin, double Ma Lai inferior colophony of amine colophony, cyanic acid ester. Among them polyester colophony, vinyl colophony is differred as a result of intensity and hear resistance, cost is low, basically use at shipping domain. Aerospace domain basically uses low viscosity epoxy resin, double come acyl inferior amine colophony. The colophony that home develops in the light of VARI craft at present has BA9911 only, belong to vinyl, acyl of double Ma Lai inferior system of amine colophony modified, have better hear resistance and anti-flammability. But the requirement that cannot satisfy aerospace component. Suiting the high-powered matrix colophony of VARI craft to be returned in home is blank. Accordingly, developing colophony of matrix of high-powered VARI craft is to begin technology of low cost of this composite material to use research in aerospace domain, shorten the basic premise with foreign difference.

2, experimental part

1, BA9912 resinous is made up
Compare through a large number of experiments and analysis, chose the TDE-85 epoxy resin with low high-powered viscosity, the BA-1 solidify agent that developed low viscosity tall active and efficient BA-2 solidify accelerant, realized the Wen Gu in BA9912 resinous to change, satisfied VARI low cost to shape the low viscosity requirement of craft. By deserve to take agent of solidify of TDE-85 epoxy resin, BA-1 and BA-2 accelerant than saying appropriately, mix TDE-85 epoxy resin and BA-2 accelerant agitate 10min first, agent of rejoin BA-1 solidify continues agitate 20min, the bleb of the generation in process of vacuumize eliminate agitate, the Wen Gu in the BA9912 that can make palm yellow is transparent changes epoxy resin system.

2, BA9912 colophony is pouring the preparation of the division
Be in pouring the agent of on even besmear right amount silicon fat drawing of patterns on makings mould, 0.5h is handled in 120 ℃ oven, the BA 9912 canopy after taking off gas aim irrigates infuse mould in. Warm up 120, 4h of heat preservation solidify, issue aftertreatment 2h in 150t again in order to eliminate internal stress, stop to heat, natural refrigeration comes room temperature, take out BA 9912 pouring makings make corresponding test, check its mechanical function and heat-resisting function.