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MACtac research and development gives new-style tire label to use hot frit adhes

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MACtac rolls out label of the 3rd acting tire to use adhesive recently. After research and development gives tire label to use solvent adhesive, MACtac rolls out a kind of new-style hot frit adhesive again, this adhesive improved product performance.

The light of TL9TC besmears with the new-style adhesive that heat up frit on buildup radical got on to squeeze BOPP film in all, TL9TC is developed technically character in the light of balata material, can use on paper products product likewise. It is easy on cycle ticket printing machine implementation pressworks and comfortable tool set is cut, still can realize high-speed paper to taste treatment at the same time. What adhesive and silicone structure assured not to have a problem quickly is automatic make label. This product got Mi Jilin company approbate, use go up in its tire. Other tire produces business to undertaking to this examine and verify is approved.

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