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New-style annulus oxygen heats up frit glue Yangzhou to develop a success

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The development of agent of epoxy resin solidify, be care of public figure of annulus oxygen industry all the time is popular.

Yangzhou morning changes a group to combine school of scientific research of domestic much home recently, development development went end amino get together oxidation propylene aether (abbreviation amino get together ether) , its are main norms has: The T series of 3 functionality and the D series of 2 functionality, concrete shop sign is: T - 5000, T - 3000, T - 403, D - 400, D - 2000, D - 230 wait. They are buff or colorless and transparent liquid below room temperature, have viscosity depress of low, steam and uncle amine content are advanced advantage, can dissolve at alcohol, adipose a group of things with common features hydrocarbon kind, hydrocarbon of scent a group of things with common features kind, ester kind, in the dissolvent such as glycol aether, ketone and water. There is longer construction after mixing with epoxy resin period, inferior radiative temperature peak, can get colorless and transparent tall burnish data, can improve the position of coating surface, agree with the applied circumstance of of all kinds epoxy resin is sealed like mould and fill, coating, stick receive wait for application.

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