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Vacuum assists preparation of colophony perfusion colophony 4

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On September 2, 2008 dispatch: VARI(Vacuum Assisted Resin Lnfusion, abbreviation vacuum is auxiliary shape) the technology is a kind of new-style composite material low cost, high-powered shape technology, get in aviation domain in recent years extensive attention. VARI shapes technical characteristic is cost hole of low, product leads low, function and autoclave craft adjacent, suit to make large construction wait. According to guild of Chinese epoxy resin (Www.epoxy-e.cn) expert introduces, make to the composite material of large size, big ply, VA is a kind very effective shape method; And the composite material that collects in order to to go to shapes craft, bigger mould select material is difficult, and cost it is very costly, difficult to make, especially the structural member such as the shipping of big ply, car, plane.

3, the mechanical function of G0827/BA9912 composite material uses VARI to shape technical preparation pressing plate of layer of G0827/BA9912 composite material, checked basic and mechanical performance, if performance data expresses 2 to show. What LWR-1 colophony develops for institute of Beijing aviation production project is comfortable shape at autoclave of craft in lukewarm (5 ℃ of 130 ± ) system of solidify epoxy resin, already used Yu Jiang on 5 model, among them T300 is carbon fiber. Make the distinguishing feature of function of VARI composite material to show place better, had the property of G0827/BA9912 composite material and T300/LWR-1 composite material comparative here. The analysis is expressed 2 knowable, the mechanical function close of the T300/LWR-1 composite material that the G0827/BA9912 composite material that VARI shapes and autoclave shape, demonstrative G0827/BA9912 composite material is mechanical performance is good, autoclave of adjacent and congener colophony shapes the performance level of pressing plate of composite material layer.

4, the heat-resisting function of G0827/BA9912 composite material
To aviation construction composite material, ask not only good mechanical performance, still need good heat-resisting performance. Because this discussed the heat-resisting function of G0827/BA9912 composite material here. Undertook to what making VARI composite material DMA is analysed, checked temperature of its vitrification transition and quantitative change of energy storage model to turn a case. Introduce according to expert of guild of Chinese epoxy resin, graph the 5 DMA curves that are G0827/BA9912 composite material namely. The analysis pursues 5 knowable, the vitrification transition temperature of G0827/BA9912 composite material is as high as 195cC, its model is measured, the inflection point of temperature curve is 173.9 ℃ , the modular quantity when 82 ℃ maintains rate achieve 88% , achieved when 120 ℃ 80.1% . The basic and mechanical performance that checked place to make G0827/BA9912 composite material fall with 120 ℃ in 82 ℃ , if performance data expresses 3 to show. Will the mechanical performance data that issues with room temperature has trade off study knowable, the high temperature of function of G0827/BA9912 composite material maintains rate is very high, hear resistance is admirable.