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The epoxy resin that add pliable but strong applies mediumly in adhesive

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With adding pliable but strong epoxy resin is a foundation, the adhesive of high polymer alloy that deserves to be formed with functional sex filling and solidify agent overcomes its sex the defect such as sex of fragile, concussion, hear resistance difference. In mechanical, electron, electric equipment, spaceflight, aviation, coating, stick receive waited for a domain to receive wide application, have all-purpose construction rubber say.

1, the choice of solidify system

The solidify agent of epoxy resin has amine, acid anhydride to wait, normally solidify is given priority to with amine, function having report asks with acid anhydride kind for commonly used. With Mi Zun kind for accelerant.

Uncle amine and intermediate amine contain lively hydrogenous atom, very easy with annulus oxygen radical produces reaction of close nucleus addition, make solidify of epoxy resin cross-linking. Solidify process can divide for 3 phase:

1) uncle amine and epoxy resin react, generate the amine that take second base macromolecule

2) intermediate amine base again with another annulus oxygen radical reacts, generate the amine that contain father's younger brother base more macromolecule

3) the rest oxygen radical produces amine radical, hydroxyl and annulus reaction

Water of the hydroxyl in epoxy resin, minim and the effect that contain hydroxyl compound issue acid anhydride open loop, oxygen radical addition gets generated carboxyl group and ring ester radical, ester changes the hydroxyl of the hydroxyl that reaction generates and epoxy resin to produce ether to convert reaction in open loop of oxygen of annulus of the catalysis when high temperature, such, one ester changes open loop one aether is changed undertake repeatedly ceaselessly, till solidify of epoxy resin cross-linking, this is the solidify mechanism of acid anhydride.

Mi Zun is to contain two nitrogen atomic 5 yuan of annulus, atom of a nitrogen forms intermediate amine, another nitrogen atom forms amine of father's younger brother, can use the solidify agent that makes epoxy resin already, can use the accelerant that makes epoxy resin solidify again. Can be in in lukewarm solidify epoxy resin, have admirable hear resistance and mechanical property however, can rival with photograph of agent of fragrant amine solidify, just be able to bear or endure medium sex and be able to bear or endure sex of ageing of damp and hot has a bit inferior.

Mi Zun kind the element of solidify agent contains an intermediate amine radical and amine of a father's younger brother base, can divide to the solidify of epoxy resin undertake for two paces, it is the lively hydrogen on intermediate amine is the same as annulus above all oxygen radical addition, be epoxy resin of catalysis of amine of father's younger brother next all get together reaction, solidify reaction has two radiative peaks. It is 60 ℃ are mixed respectively 1110 ℃ . Be able to bear or endure to improve its sex of ageing of damp and hot. Can join a few fragrant amine.