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The composition of label of not dry glue and its surface material introduce simp

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Label of not dry glue is the label with the at present widest application, but its structure is not simple. Label of typical not dry glue is comprised by 5, include:
Ground floor -- exterior material, or weigh raw material, be used at the record or presswork graph article message.

The 2nd -- priming paint, or say to add stick coating, can agglutinate more close together ground combines agent and exterior material. Priming paint also has the effect that avoids chemical reagents to permeate at the same time, otherwise chemical reagents may come over fully from the three-layer ooze next, flyblown label surface. Additional, chromatic priming paint also can use the background that makes transparent surface material.

three-layer -- the adhesive of label. Ripping go label surface mount, before sticking label appearance of something put oneself in another's position, adhesive opens exterior material and depart of mount of Tu Yougui resinous.

The 4th -- silicone coating, use at ensuring label and mount part easily.

The 5th -- mount, protective label is not stuck before use corrupt, normally by blanch or unbleached Kraft paper (the polyester data that also can use clean now and then) machine and become. Mount still has the effect that sustain, in assuring to handling the process of label, label won't bend or curly.

Although use of label of not dry glue is extensive, welcome by everybody, but it is not to be below any environments can applicable. For example, when refrigerant food is packed and other high speed is operated, use heat to seal label more efficient, economy.

The importance of agglutinant test

Before the label of different type is being used, the type that tests adhesive is very important, seeing this kind of adhesive is to belong to not dry glue, heat seals glue or gelatinize water paper. Some adhesive can produce chemical reaction with specific material. For example, use as the label of not dry glue of sign can pollute certain and special fabric below specific requirement. The label with some brief and agglutinant need can arise below exposure condition abiding agglutinant. And on the other hand, certain need has abiding and agglutinant label to be able to be lost however in certain surface agglutinant.

Ensure the only way of agglutinant effect chooses specific surface to determine namely agglutinant. The manufacturer home of a lot of label material and adhesive has test capacity.

When the surface of second birth paper uses label of not dry glue and other label, via regular meeting occurrence problem. There are a variety of different papers in the process that has circular machining; Some paper can be polluted by the coating of silicon or candle, such mixture treatment polluted final second birth product. When surfaces of these second birth paper that are polluted use label, adhesive often can lose action. Attention: The action of coating of the silicone in label of not dry glue is to ensure not dry glue breaks away from mount easily.