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The utility of general adhesive and stick the good point that receives a standar

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Adhesive can be used metal, glass, lumber, paper, fiber, balata, will plastic wait for all sorts of material to stick receive together, produce a function or function to be more than the whole of its part the sum. Adhesive is stuck receive a law to replacing mechanical coupling method increasingly, because adhesive is stuck,this basically is receive a law to have the following advantage.

(The material such as 1) film, fiber and small-scale account other people uses other method to bind bad or not easily, with adhesive very easy agglutinate is together. The typical example of this kind of utility has: Fabric of all sorts of plastic film such as polyethylene, aluminum foil, cotton reachs the lamination agglutination of paper; Vitreous wool dielectric and wool Bo fine composite material; Emery cloth of burnish emery wheel, sand paper, King Kong and brake piece; Rayon, nylon, polyester and fibre glass enhance tire; Ripple board, paper bag, label, adhesive plaster, stamp and envelope; Safe glass; Without spin cloth and become with bits of cotton, wool or fine fleece ram establish flannelette or carpet; Particle board or particieboard, upholster board or Bao Li board.

(2) solders with what braid weaving law, metal traditionally law and riveting, bolt or hammer are received wait for photograph of mechanical coupling law to compare, adhesive sticks the likelihood that receive a standard faster, more economy, this often is used stick a when receive a standard main reason.

(3) can will different material (be like: ? paper, iron - copper) union is together. And, should stick when receiving two kinds of metals, adhesive can separate them to be corroded in case. When the difference of hot coefficient of expansion when two kinds of content be stickinged is very big, withy adhesive can reduce the gravitational force that causes because of temperature change. The function excel either of the lamination body of different material is stuck material.

(4) stress is distributinged to be in larger area, can reduce the exhaustion that assembles system to destroy, bind possibly than machinery lighter stronger. Be like plane wing or empennage and airframe stick receive etc.

(The intensity of 5) anisotropy material - quality comparing and dimension stability can be stuck through across receive and rise. For example, oneself blame homogeneity and the lumber of Shui Min sex can transform Cheng Naiqiao music, be able to bear or endure the plywood of water; Net of wool of will random fiber is stuck receive what can make isotropy to not have spin cloth to use.

(6) is in capacitor, printed circuit and fill outfit resistor, agglutination line can provide electric insulation function.

(7) agglutination line can have effect of damp protective screen, packing for example in using lamination data, its agglutination line adds greatly be able to bear or endure damp sex.

Be in the United States, at present the 80 % of adhesive demand come from almost at packing with bldg. , and pack still be in with adhesive constant growth. Watch 1-8 is shown gave the department of a few trades with commonly used adhesive and specific application.