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The epoxy resin that contain silicon: 3 " without " product

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The epoxy resin that contain silicon is a kind 3 " without " the environment is friendly model composite material, here 3 " without " point to without bittern, without antimony, without phosphor. Face the concussion of material of chemistry of foreign relevant electron, and the environmental protection demand with increasingly rising whole world, complex matter product studies the epoxy resin of this kind of new generation to be advanced increasingly, divide phenol one fragrant alkyl environment is friendly model flame retardant epoxy resin is compound outside content, complex matter reachs the epoxy resin that contain silicon the epoxy resin that contain nitrogen is compound epoxy resin of modified of particle of rice of content, accept is compound content, it is flame retardant of annulus oxygen system new army. Contain silicon among them epoxy resin is compound content with its flame retardant and admirable hear resistance, characteristic be fixed eyes upon.

The epoxy resin that contain silicon with its hear resistance is admirable and celebrated, its another fetching place depends on polymer having admirable flame retardant and characteristic. According to guild of Chinese epoxy resin (Www.epoxy-e.cn) expert introduces, low appearance of silicon radical group is contained to be able to make its migratory to epoxy resin surface when its burn, form heat-resisting covering layer to avoid polymer happening to heat up degradation further thereby, because this silicon is considered as " the environment is friendly model " fire retardant. Abroad ever the system made an on-the-spot investigation to contain silicon epoxy resin is compound of content flame retardant and characteristic, with epoxy resin of double phenolic A(BE188) or adjacent armour phenolic aldehyde epoxy resin (CNE200) , part with 2 phenyl silicon 2 alcohol (DPSD) or alcohol of 3 phenyl silicon (TPSO) reaction, preparation the new-style epoxy resin that contain silicon, show: Compare through colophony of operating ring oxygen and the amount that contain silicon constituent material, can different silicon content contains preparation silicon epoxy resin.

The thermal stability of the epoxy resin after studying solidify through the system and anti-flammability discover character, the hot property of complex matter and anti-flammability all have the epoxy resin after introducing silicon radical group rise. After undertaking solidify in order to contain phosphor or agent of the solidify that contain nitrogen, the limiting oxygen index of epoxy resin (LOI) can rise further, be like: Use epoxy resin of double phenolic A BEl88 and contain silicon 2 mellow DPSD press 2: The quantity of 1 material is compared, undertake reacting preparation BE-Si2O contains silicon epoxy resin. When the LOI with condensate of the epoxy resin when solidify of double cyanogen amine the value is 23; When in order to contain BAPPPO[of phosphorous solidify agent double (amino phenyl) benzene oxygen phosphine] after undertaking solidify, the LOI value of the epoxy resin of condensate increases to 29.5. This kind of flame retardant and characteristic synergism that rises to basically be attributed to Si/P. Guild of Chinese epoxy resin (Www.epoxy-e.cn) expert expresses, hopeful of this kind of new-style epoxy resin that contain silicon is enclosed in microelectronics in get applied.