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Colophony of large hole adsorption

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Colophony of large hole adsorption is sorbent of a kind of when recent development rises organic high polymer, the extraction that 70 time end begins to apply its at composition of Chinese herbal medicine is detached. Establish changes institute of medicaments of Chinese academy of medical sciences colophony of adsorption of large hole of room try out is right candy, alkaloid, yellow ketone undertake adsorption, use at spoon of the tuber of elevated gastrodia, bare, glossy ganoderma and the extraction that wait for Chinese herbal medicine in vain according to hill to depart on this foundation, the result makes clear colophony of large hole adsorption is a kind of of composition of water-solubility of detached Chinese herbal medicine effective method. Can extract depart to give licorice from inside licorice with this law sweet element is crystal. In order to contain 4 kinds of Chinese traditional medicine with compound of alkaloid, yellow ketone, water-solubility phenolic sex and mineral inorganic the single ingredient crude drug of significant position (the rhizome of Chinese goldthread, the root of kudzu vine, the root of red-rooted salvia, gesso) water carries fluid to be example, undertake on LD605 colophony dynamic adsorption studies, compare parameter of its adsorption character. The result makes clear except inorganic mineral outside, other Chinese traditional medicine is effective place all can differ of degree by colophony adsorption rarefied. The colophony of large hole adsorption of different structure is phenolic to hydrophily the sorption of kind of ramification considers to make clear colophony of adsorption of different type large hole all can from inside extremely rare aqueous solution hydrophily of rich market drop is phenolic kind of ramification, and easy wash out, sorption differs along with the structure of adsorptive material and differ somewhat, congener and adsorptive material the adsorptive capacity on all sorts of colophony all is concerned with its polarity water-solubility. With D blame colophony extracted polarity to wring a blue black glucoside, total black glucoside closes rate in 2.15% the left and right sides. With D1300 large hole colophony refines " right fluid putting in decoct 's charge " , its do extract to must be led in 4 ~ 5% between, earning does extract to suck tide not easily, store up convenient, its adsorption reclaims rate with 5- hydroxide methylic candy aldehyde plan, for 83.3% . With D-101 blame polarity colophony was extracted sweet chrysanthemum total glucoside, thick article close rate 8% the left and right sides, high-quality goods closes rate in 3% the left and right sides. With large hole adsorption colophony extraction refines glucoside of 37 total black, earning product purity is tall, quality is stable, cost is low. large hole adsorption colophony is used at the extraction of ginkgo leaf, content of ketone of silver-colored apricot yellow is stable in extracting content in 26% above. The content that the rhizome of chuanxiong that with large hole adsorption colophony depart gives always mentions Qin of the rhizome of chuanxiong in content and asafoetida acid is 25% ~ about 29% , close rate for 0.6% . Additionally colophony of large hole adsorption returns what can be used at the sample before content determines to depart beforehand.