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Those who reflex coating and truly adiabatic coating is divisional

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As a result of the market grow the success that reachs coating industry, more and more use methods also appear subsequently. But, what meaning is the heat insolation of adiabatic coating after all? If whitewash besmear is on housetop, compare with common black housetop photograph next, can you say this whitewash has heat proof quality at this moment? Blame also, this can explain this coating has reflection function only, and as a result of,be this function, this coating just drops indoor temperature on certain level. But look from another kind of viewpoint, this coating is to have insulation capacity, but the fact is heat is being permeated indoor before be be reflexed by this coating. Probably this uses the whitewash with very low cost to also can get the account of same result namely. This product should is to reflex housetop coating by the definition.
Because this chooses adiabatic coating,Shi Yingshen is weighed. If be the sunshine quantity of heat that goes up to reduce housetop merely, reflection housetop coating is already enough (but before their soil) . It is through besmearing coating inside housetop in order to reduce solar reflectivity (dazzling white) , what what you need is a thick whitewash merely just. But in fact, what what you have is reflection housetop coating merely, coating of heat insolation of and rather than. If be to be used at housetop, reflection housetop coating can satisfy your requirement possibly. Besides comparing low environmental temperature, use true adiabatic coating to may appear wasteful.

Reflex coating of true heat insolation of housetop coating VS

The definition below our above paragraphs is: True adiabatic coating (TIC) be all can arise one kind below any circumstances (its surface two side) the coating of difference in temperature. Especially TIC includes a kind to enclose particle, these particle can capture air, make adiabatic coating has insulation function, reach low radiant characteristic, that is to say, this coating is by a kind agglutinant, small wet painting comprises through mechanical means (every liter is less than 0.75 kilograms) . Conversely, contain colophony and solid grain by convention when reflection housetop coating, be like titanium dioxide, stuff of stuff of calcium carbonate etc (have natural reflex capacity) when, reflection housetop coating is weighed about 1 - 1.4 kilograms / liter. Besmear below high temperature when this coating, the situation that produces probably is, its heat proof quality will be reduced greatly, and can generate bubble, fall off even. Do not understand these limit when those so called competitor when, the fame of so true adiabatic coating may suffer an effect because of this.

The proposal of proper competitor

The success of these adiabatic coating is to depend on greatly its science sex. But, exaggerate when somebody factual result, or the adiabatic coating that boasts they are offerred facetiously (when ply is 0.5mm) R value is 24 when, the problem arose. A lot of people are fond of this kind to flatter, and oversight fact, but federal trade commission (FTC) think this kind of boast is to break the law on the technology. When what be flattered when a few products accordingly is fab, we remind you to must think calmly.

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