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Epoxy resin but felt repairs damage Gu Yu

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Guyu once dish piece, often ancient sweet extraordinary splendour, verve appears in all, ease interesting be overflowing with, wonderful. Still say: "Old jade dish the three ten-day periods of the hot season, still get the better of 3 years more than. Build with the three ten-day periods of the hot season burning hot, inscriptions all can perspire, reason Yi Paner; Be like severe winter Pan Yu, blame in warm room, not easy become effective. " Gu Yu also has fear, one Wei fire, "Constant as close as fire, lubricious oar is retreated namely. " also should avoid as far as possible to abiding illuminate of Jiang Guangwen, come up out of land especially before long jade article, the color after heat getting light is more changeful weak. 2 Wei are put on the ice, "Chang Yubing is close, lubricious ooze is not vivid. " 3 Wei Jing is angry, "Admire person inadvertent, often drop the ground, if fall over bricky stone, weigh an injury, light skin texture contain flaw, its are like imperceptibly hair, inspect suddenly and must not see. Inspect suddenly and must not see..
Avoid of ancient jade place is: One avoid is oily, "Old jade ground goes up not sufficient, often stick fat, clear light cannot go fully, jade of incident an ornament worn as a pendant at the waist in ancient times person, play with the passing of time, fear by oily ooze, cerebral oil is nose oil criterion blame very, must use those who roll bath, just can remove oil, dish person if chafes with nose oil, be love it is as what destroy instead more also. " 2 avoid raw meat or fish, "Jade and content of raw meat or fish are conterminous, contain fishy smell namely, and injury jade is qualitative. And injury jade is qualitative..
At ordinary times but the collect carefully in box of soft bursa of park of will ancient jade, condition of general temperature and humidity can, but because climate changes to pass theatrical work and produce crackle,should avoid. If implements ruptures, use epoxy resin or get together the felt on Tu Yuji of emulsion of acetic acid ethylene, be short of the body that breaks partial criterion to model is engraved or can turn over French chalk of epoxy resin mix into the model to need into place to undertake agglutinate is repaired, to make color consistent, can join in filling go to when dye, also can be after repair chromatic. Small blemish of implements surface or fall off, useful seal allocates lubricious makings to try to fill up, give with agent of downy inscription yellow burnish again polishing.