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Epoxy resin is able to bear or endure corrode force comes from where

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Colophony kind anticorrosion material especially epoxy resin, admirable, corrosion resistance stresses integral performance, suitable scope room of wide, choice is big. Which is epoxy resin powerful be able to bear or endure does corrode force come from where? Expert of guild of Chinese epoxy resin undertook introductory from mechanism a few days ago, in order to provide dinner for industry inside and outside.

The expert of this association says, reach its according to the configuration of caustic medium to building a structure corrode a feature to be able to divide it is 5 kinds big: Namely medium of gaseous medium, solution of salt of caustic water, soda acid, solid state and contaminative earth, all sorts of medium can delimit by its property, content classification is fastened, what according to all sorts of medium long-term to housing materials effect falls is caustic, can divide again for strong corrode, medium corrode, corrode infirmly, without corrode 4 grade. Unit of anticorrosive design, construction can press a project corrode a feature, the choice is proper anti-corrosive material and adopt significant preventive measure. Epoxy resin is building the application in anticorrosion project, belong to the 3rd kind by classification namely colophony kind anticorrosion project, colophony kind the data products with anticorrosion commonly used project, include mortar of colophony puddle, colophony, glass reinforced plastics and colophony glass scale to wait. Mortar of colophony puddle, colophony and colophony glass scale are expect for cementation with colophony, join solidify agent, flexibilizer (some material need to join accelerant or thinner) , the inserts such as powdery makings, fine aggregate, thick aggregate and the vitreous scale that pass processing is made up and become, glass reinforced plastics is with colophony sizing material and if felt of surface of cloth of fibre glass silk, fibre glass, fibre glass, fibre glass is short,enhance material cut felt or become.

Epoxy resin regards anticorrosion as material not only have it is close-grained, good to fight water, impervious to leak, intensity is advanced characteristic, have adherent power at the same time operation of strong, normal temperature, construction is handy wait for good craft sex, and price moderate. The anticorrosion project that uses this kind of data includes commonly: The facing of whole of glass reinforced plastics of complementary line mixes colophony size separator, a material facing of colophony puddle and mortar pave, colophony puddle is ticked off seam what seam with fill a material facing, what colophony rare puddle or mortar make is onefold reach separator with compound whole facing, facing of puddle of colophony glass scale is waited a moment. Chosen material breed is different, the end item function of anticorrosion project and suitable scope will have very big different. Expert of guild of Chinese epoxy resin says, the commonly used epoxy resin in anticorrosion project is divided outside be being used alone, still can mix the colophony such as colophony of not saturated polyester, vinyl ester colophony, phenolic aldehyde colophony and furan colophony is compound use, form complex construction to issue command in order to fill respective good qualities, reduce cost, raise product quality, convenient construction. Also can mold modified resin with other colophony modified, the method of modified has physical law and chemical way. Annulus oxygen coal tar attributes result of relatively typical modified of epoxy resin physics, make its function uprights to be mixed at epoxy resin between coal tar. The 30 ~ that less important colophony occupies gross commonly in physical modified resin 50% ; The function of its child after colophony undertakes chemical modified had produced fundamental change, essence of vinyl ester colophony is modified resin of the most typical annulus oxygen chemistry. 2 it is better to use integral performance sometimes kinds or material of colophony of two kinds of above, the different construction of place is united in the different position of the project according to respective characteristic, ordinal the distinct effect that undertakes construction can produce single material to be achieved hard.