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The basic theory of coating science reachs its character

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Coating science couldn't get enough attention to reflect the current condition of bound of our country enthusiasm. The article does not want to answer coating science why to cannot get enough attention this problem, this problem should leave group of our country coating to discuss and reply, the article wants to summarize the basic theory of concerned coating science only, desire to gain is in to group of our country coating take coating science seriously theoretic benefit somewhat. The basic theory of coating science should contain the following content: One, coating uses resin (polymer) molecular design and synthesis; 2, dye is in polymer solution or the dispersive sex in dividing prose style free from parallelism and stability; 3, coating recipe principle and its assessment technique; 4, coating flow and shed denaturation to pledge; 5, of coating into film and solidify. Its content point summarizes respectively below: One, coating is classified with resinous Coating uses resin (polymer) molecular design and synthesis everybody knows, although can be used at besmearing the colophony of makings has a lot of, have natural with complex polymer, but the following kinds of synthetic resin held 90% above: Have alkyd, amino colophony, phenolic aldehyde colophony, epoxy resin, organic silicone, acrylic colophony and polyurethane colophony. These colophony serve as the main material that become film in coating when, there basically are the following kinds on configuration. Liquid of dissolve of ① organic dissolvent is. Organic dissolvent can be deliquescent polymer, it is homogeneous phase system, be in thermodynamic going up is stability. ② breeds the liquid is fastened. Be it is successive photograph with water, polymer not dissolve at water, rely on exterior activator, with the emulsion that dispersive photograph form comprises, wrap oily latex for water. ③ moisture prose style free from parallelism is fastened (system of water dilute sex) . It is successive photograph with water, very few or need not exterior activator, polymer has certain hydrophily, exist in order to distribute the form of prose style free from parallelism, the hydrophily that certain amount can contain in the system organic dissolvent. System of ④ aqueous solution. Polymer adopts saline measure, make its make ionic polymer, can dissolve Yu Shuizhong, the water-solubility that still can add certain amount organic dissolvent, will raise aggregate water-solubility, it is homogeneous phase system. ⑤ is not moisture prose style free from parallelism to fasten. Successive photograph is the organic dissolvent that is not water, it is blame aromatic hydrocarbon commonly kind (the hydrocarbon that be like alkyl, mellow kind etc) , the organic dissolvent of low noxiousness small taste, polymer have the aid of at two close sexes (kiss solvent directly namely, and another close polymer) special appearance activator, or after polymer classics modified, exist in order to distribute form of prose style free from parallelism. ⑥ pulverous system. Solid body is tiny farinaceous polymer. In principle says, almost all colophony can make these form, but when same kind when colophony makes different form, its element structure, the element measures volume, solvent reachs method of the sort of auxiliary and composition, synthesis to wait to have very big different. Among them a few kinds are commonly used, coating of the form of a drug that be like dissolve (the first kind) , emulsioni paint (the 2nd kind) , electrophoresis lacquer (the 4th kind) , coating (the 6th kind) . The 3rd kind mixes the 4th kind basically is coating of development ability in swimming and the newer type that Gao Gu divides coating and development rises, it is one of development direction of current coating. Of course, the application with different basis of configuration of avery kind of and respective actor defect have very great progress this world, improving innovation ceaselessly from former expect craft is the most important, this respect is in theoretic go up to every year domestic and internationally many patent document reports with the technology. Among them a lot of forward position that stand in science.