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Normal temperature does anticorrosion coating department to use resin of ability

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Since the mankind use metal begins, preventing to corrode is a serious problem. Of the metal corrode the result that can be considered as to suffer atmosphere to affect, salt and acid are deliquescent in water, as bear the weight of agency, action at oxygen of metallic surface; it is the main chemistry that forms metallic oxide corporeal; water has removability and tall polarity, also can be considered as the chemical material that has active most. These 3 elements are to form cankerous main factor. In 10 years of in the past, more and more painting systems are transforming from solvent hydrotropism, the advantage of coating of ability in swimming is not only on zoology environmental protection and wholesome security, another advantage is sexual price is compared. Already developed an application at present at the coating of anticorrosion of ability in swimming with dry room temperature.

1 ability in swimming is anticorrosive coating uses resin

Applicable has in the colophony in coating of anticorrosion of ability in swimming:

The tree points to acrylic acid of 1.1 ability in swimming

Latex of acrylic acid of ability in swimming is by methylic acrylic acid kind monomer composition, the exterior activator that used hydrophily is become in the polymerization in water photograph. This kind of film does not have chemical cross-linking normally, its are dry it is the physics that passes polymer be united in wedlock and form successive coating. Ability in swimming puts the hydrophily surface activator that be in in acrylic latex, in dry hind return meeting reservation to be in film. The existence of hydrophily surface activator makes potential hydrophily space arises in film, become water, salt, oxygen to permeate film to enter a metal to the surface forms generation to corrode or be corroded diffuse place. New technology can be passed use less hydrophily even the exterior activator of corrosion resistance, partial ground overcomes the weakness that hydrophily surface activator brings.

The average corrosion resistance of this kind of system can: Wo Xing is v/LIT all over the ground between 120h of firewood?0 ~ (ISO7253) , be able to bear or endure experiment of damp and hot is 120h(ISO6270) , bottom material is blank armor plate. The system of acrylic acid of ability in swimming that improves further can mix to react even with oxygen of lake be surrounded by mountains or alkyd, form acrylic acid miscellaneous change a system. The) of colophony of acrylic acid of product VIACRYLTMVSC6279w/45WA(ability in swimming that is like cyanogen spy company, RESYDRO2LTMVAX6267w/40WA(ability in swimming is miscellaneous change alcoholic acid to divide) of prose style free from parallelism.