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Enterprise of abroad chemical industry faces raw material to rise in price how g

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Although the manufacturing business of chemical industry is already successful,push tall the price, adopted a variety of measure to make up for cost to upsurge brought loss, but the gain ability that cost rose to still affect a company.
Chemistry of contented family name points out, the expenditure that was used at the sources of energy and cost of oil gas raw material 2002 is 8 billion dollar (by the exchange rate at that time) , this one word reached 32 billion dollar 2008, be equivalent to the total sales revenue 2003. And of oil gas and energy cost rising bringing about whole value catenary to be squelched, 2008 its net profit dropped compared to the same period first quarter 3% . Henry Si Mai also expresses, a large amount of the sources of energy of current whole world, chemical and intermediate body raw material and the abidance of carriage cost rise, negative to the huge that the gain of the company produces effect. And Luomenhasi reckons the raw material 2008 and energy cost will raise 500 million dollar. Steam cling to money newspaper shows, because raw material rises in price, the business earnings of the company after eliminate expense fell 61% .
Go out in profit of a few companies while now slips, also a few companies overcame oil and raw material cost to rise considerably brought negative effect. For example chemistry of Basifu, LG, India is believed sincere wait for a company to allege of value of product of benefit from benefit from and sales volume increase, it is good to was obtained at expectant profit.