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ABS colophony market will still be maintained big firm small move prices

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Hui Cong is plastic net dispatch: ABS colophony, prices is primary dish firm, clinch a deal to still be shown static weak. On the weekend, quote of homebred ABS mainstream is in 15900-17000 yuan, the part glides 100 yuan. Among them, jilin petrifaction 0215A is 16000 yuan, glide 100 yuan, daqing petrifaction 750A is 15900 yuan, glide 100 yuan, CH510 of Pan Jinyi Xi is 16500 yuan, lanzhou petrifaction 301 it is 17000 yuan, LG another name for Ningbo promotes 121H to be 16600 yuan, peaceful wave stage changes 15A1 to be 16300 yuan, glide 100 yuan, d-180 of Zhenjiang country go smoothly is 16300 yuan, glide 100 yuan, 757K of Zhenjiang strange beauty is 16800 yuan, rise 100 yuan, AC800 of Changzhou new lake is 15900 yuan. Entrance ABS is in 16700-17700 yuan, high end rises 200 yuan. Among them, strange beauty of our country Taiwan 757 it is 17700 yuan, rise 200 yuan, korea LGHI121 is 16700 yuan, lake of Korea bright and beautiful 750 it is 17200 yuan, GP22 of Korea Ba Sifu is 17200 yuan.

As a result of shipment circumstance not very ideal, petrifaction enterprise continues to maintain small negative charge to run, accordingly social whole resource increases finite. However, terminal demand did not see sign of to the limit of one's capacity, add trafficker not dare rushed receive money, bring about the market to be cast off hard from beginning to end thereby clinch a deal weak force. According to market personage analysis, if buyers and sellers is in stalemate for long, development of prices of the city after be opposite is very adverse. Predict, short-term inside ABS colophony market will still be maintained big firm small move prices.

Outside dish prices: Asian market value continues low. Newest mainstream quote is in 2035-2045 dollar / ton (CFR China / southeast Asia) , all go low 25 dollars / ton.

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