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fourth pure market summarizes the city after reaching to comment on

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This week (September 8-12 day) Asia Ding Chun market trades atmosphere is very exhausted weak, supply enough, clinch a deal the volume is low, the price continues to drop. At present far east area dollar of 1649-1651 of Ding Chun C.I.F / ton, southeast Asia area Ding Chun goes to bank 1619-1621 beauty round / ton. European market fourth pure market is clinching a deal pick up promote below, buy dish of quoted price is small to rise, beauty of 1549-1551 of mellow FOB of northwest Ou Zhengding is round / ton. The United States demand of fourth pure market is moderate, the price is unexpected dish arrange, the United States is thalassic beauty of 2000-2010 of fourth mellow off shore is round / ton.
Home the effect that fourth mellow manufacturer suffers inventory pressure, factory price drops considerably. Auspicious changes fourth mellow device to move normally, manufacturer shipment not free, have certain stock pressure, factory price 13000-13300 yuan / ton () of case of the low freight rate that carry a boat; It is normal that mellow device of neat Lu Zhengding moves, manufacturer shipment slants weak, export amount is not large, quote external in 13470-13770 yuan / ton; Mellow device of Daqing petrifaction fourth laborious produces Xin Chun, manufacturer is sold not beautiful, have certain stock, price fall, leave factory quote 13000-13300 yuan / ton () of price of through traffic of low Duan Jianghai; Beijing changes 4 fourth mellow device to jockey, manufacturer stock is not much, basically use at each other to offer, quote 16200 yuan / ton.
This Zhou Huadong area fourth pure market stops drop hasten is firm, but trade atmosphere is delicate still. Although the market is supplied relatively before somewhat hasten is close, but downstream demand is fatigued and weak, trafficker shipment not free, market confidence is low, continue to support wait-and-see attitude, the price is unexpected dish arrange, quote of market main trend is in 13900-14000 yuan / ton, basically exchange views in 13800-13900 yuan / or so tons.
Pure market of Hua Nazheng man trades atmosphere is fatigued and weak, the price continues to drop. Market supply of goods puts an amount not tall, but trade atmosphere is delicate, downstream plant go into operation is low, market demand is fatigued and weak, buy the home to buy intention low, trafficker sees low a gleam of generally, the price continues to drop. At present market main trend quotes 15100-15200 yuan / ton, clinch a deal actually in 15000-15100 yuan / ton.
Fourth pure market goes Hua Beizheng situation is fatigued and weak, clinch a deal low fan, the price falls defeat considerably. Downstream plant go into operation is inferior still, goods of the ask that buy the home is cool, clinch a deal exiguous. Demand is very fatigued and weak, the market is supplied put an amount not tall, but trafficker is sold not free, the price drops quickly. At present mainstream quote is in 14000-14100 yuan / ton, exchange views actually in 13900-14000 yuan / ton.