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International is not saturated colophony adjusts a structure

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Market of dispatch international crude entered business company in the round on September 16 costly period, just entered in May 2008 the last ten-day of a month, break through 130 dollars namely / the bucket closes greatly. Does crude price reach his to to colophony of not saturated polyester He Ying rings? Crude oil rises in price caused raw material to rise in the round, include styrene, glycol, third price of anhydride of 2 alcohol, 2 pleasant alcohol, benzene, suitable anhydride has on raise, same house does not issue home market prices high, at present styrene 12200 yuan / ton, 2 pleasant are mellow 9100 yuan / ton, suitable anhydride 10300 ~ 10400 yuan / ton, benzene anhydride 10400 yuan / ton. High cost causes profit of colophony of not saturated polyester to reduce -- although its price also has,promote certainly. From at present a variety of evidence look, can not change shortage of crude oil resource and condition unrest, this created an obstacle to produce and sale of colophony of not saturated polyester. Because how this raises its,profit margin is the major problem that is worth to think. The international industry exploration in this respect, realize the diversification of production, application namely, adjust industrial structure.

Dosage of resinous of not saturated polyester reduces Japan continuously. Increase from FRP(fibre glass plastic) in light of utility respect, because purify shipping of groove, conduit, naval ships,be of dosage decrease; From the point of respect of blame FRP utility, because mould shapes,be, the demand that assembles the product such as plaque is prompt be caused by of fall after a rise. But the growth that in recent years FRP uses an amount, basically result from the field requirement such as housing materials and car vehicle increases ceaselessly, this reflected the changeover that uses a structure. The updating that specific concentration expresses next waterproof now liner, water pipeline or repair, of the crust of car, lorry fold stream board, the respect such as the air processing unit of the car, afore-mentioned various FRP products got applied extensively. Shape according to differring to FRP methodological statistic, in last few years law of Japanese SMC, BMC presents the state that gives saturation of in a way, comparatively HLU law shows the trend that improves continuously, the growth of this and waterproof liner demand is corresponding; And SUP law can appear low confuse posture, because be purified groovy demand to play the effect of defeat substantially,be.

German Nordmann and Rassmann GmbH two companies, begin to sell composite material of complex of colophony of not saturated polyester. According to China net of not saturated colophony (Www.upr-e.cn) expert introduces, colophony of not saturated polyester " Aropol " main application is mixed in composite material industry casting mould is industrial in the production of polymer, basically include handiwork the contact, flash, successive lamination, mould, model that note model and RTM, cold pressure, hot pressing / winding of power source of SMC, BMC, filament and centrifugal mould and pull crowded shape. The product of these 2 companies was labelled the 1st times to combine a standard 2005. The resin of not saturated polyester that the car uses composite material is wide suffer take seriously, especially car component uses composite material of low density, tall tenacity. The Yashenlante that is located in American Ohio Dublin is planted chemical company's subordinate Yashenlan composite material polymer (group of trade of Ashland Composite Polymers) , offerred 3 new cars to use the recipe of colophony of not saturated polyester of composite material. The company uses the car of 3 kinds of different recipes high polymer data -- the throw on the market of colophony of not saturated polyester of tall tenacity, the class A resin that the face paint that includes to have tenacity uses and additionally two kinds of colophony of low density recipe. Among them density of class A colophony is 1.6, have be able to bear or endure admirably " paint is cruel crack " characteristic, basically use at the besmear outfit of face lacquer. The polyester density of recipe of additionally two kinds of low density is respectively 1.2, 1.3. The colophony that passes the modified that add pliable but strong reduced molecular quality, raised a car to use the paint film property of composite material.